Careful with that coconut oil!

In the last five years and with the tendency to lean for more organic beauty products, coconut oil has by far become everyone’s favourite. But is coconut oil good for everything?

The answer is no! Surprising fact, knowing that it’s a natural product considered as safe for your dry hair, your nails and your body skin, you better never use it on your face.

Coconut oil is very thick and will definitely clog your pores. It’s a one-way ticket to your next breakout! Have you ever noticed how this oil solidifies in colder temperatures? The same happens on your skin. 


You’d rather use a regular moisturiser or a cream adapted to your skin-type. If you’re more into natural and organic products with a low chemical concentration (even though “chemical” does not necessarily mean “harmful”), go for honey-based creams, it’s a great healing ingredient with many other benefits for your skin. 

To conclude, our main advice is to ban coconut oil from your skincare routine, your face will thank you later!




By Meriem Toumi

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