Summer Hair Care: How to Protect Your Balayage

Hair goes through many external aggressions daily that affect its feel and appearance. And for those with the perfect sun-kissed balayage, summer can easily dull it out over time due to repeated washing, styling products, sea salt, swimming pool chlorine, and the sun. Here are some tips and tricks on how to protect your hair color during the summer months.

Hair Sun Block

Under harsh UV rays, colored hair is even more sensitive than natural hair. It requires good protection to prevent it from changing color or fading. It only takes a few key ingredients to keep you dream locks all summer long. Protect, wash, repair, and repeat. Just like for the skin, sun protection for the hair is a great way to prevent damage. Shiseido Ultimate sun protection contains SPF 50+, a non-sticky and non-greasy texture, and is quickly absorbed by the hair without leaving any residue. The advantage is that it can also be used on the body and the face, a great all-in-one product to have in your beach bag.

balyage summer beach hair protection anti uv sun block
Color Deposit Hair Mask

Summer can cause balayage to turn orange, brassy, yellow, or even green. This is due to the toner fading after multiple washes, sea salt, and pool chlorine. To best maintain color between hairdresser appointments, Color Depositing Masks are a great way to go. The fool proof way to tone hair comes without hydrogen peroxide nor ammonia. The Morrocan Oil Color Depositing Mask is an amazing deep conditioning treatment with pigments, available in seven shades from warm to ashy and even neon colors.

Moroccan oil hair color deposit pigment toner hair mask
Reduced Heat Styling and Hair Washing

Beneficial for all hair types, this step is even more important to follow as someone with bleached or lightened hair. Too much heat  damages the hair shaft by drying and breaking it, worsened by summer conditions. It becomes brittle to touch and is a huge cause of color change and fade. The limestone present in water also contributes to attacking hair and its pigments. Space out your shampoos by using dry shampoo, and after a swim in the sea or in the pool, opt for a good rinse and a small amount of conditioner instead of a shampoo. It’s sufficient to remove salt, chlorine and sand residue.

Balayage hair care tips color protect anti brassy orange hair
Color Protecting Products

Products for colored hair contain pigment fixatives and repairing agents to keep a bright balayage. Choose a mild shampoo that protects color like Kiehl’s Sunflower Color-Treated Hair Preserving Range, which preserves the intensity and radiance of color. A leave-in treatment is always a good idea during the summer, like the Pureology Color Fanatic that is filled with camelina, coconut, and olive oils to detangle, protect, and strengthen hair.

Khiel's sunflower hair color protect shampoo conditionner mask balayage

By Radja Kettouche

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