The Beauty Industry Shows Its Support to the Black Lives Matter Movement

As America mourns the death of George Floyd, the world has come together on social media, in protests, and in solidarity to speak out against police brutality. And while the beauty industry has been labeled as superficial in the past, recently brands have been moving towards using their platforms to share a message of inclusivity, diversity and hope.

In light of current events, the beauty industry’s most forward-thinkers are putting their money where their mouth is by giving back to the community and showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. These are the brands that are setting the standards for the beauty industry during this historical moment.

Image: @Glossier

Many beauty brands have made public statements and are giving financial support to the movement. Glossier was one of the first brands to speak out, detailing their position on the matter and showing their solidarity in an Instagram post. The brand told its nearly three million followers that it was donating $500,000 to five organizations focused on fighting racial injustice. In addition, Glossier promised an additional $500,000 in subsidies to black-owned beauty businesses. Not bad for an indie beauty brand.

Niche brand Boy Smells is known for their unique scented candles and unisex underwear. The brand took to Instagram to create story highlights on how to donate to the BLM movement, along with donating $100,000 to the NAACP themselves. The same goes for Klur, an eco-inclusive beauty brand. Owned by African-American entrepreneur Lesley Thornton, she decided to stop posting beauty-related content on the brand’s Instagram but to share news and raise awareness of the BLM movement for the coming weeks.

Image: @fentybeauty

Fenty Beauty quickly rose to fame not only because of its founder, but because of its ground-breaking 50 foundation shades that set the tone for inclusivity for the entire industry. The brand has always been vocal about diversity, as it is one of the company’s core values. On Black Out Tuesday, the company decided it would halt all business for the day, taking on a huge financial loss in support of the Black community.

Consumers have begun to question the responsibility of the industry itself, and brand owners have shown their implication in these historical causes that affect the entire community. These major brands are proving to the world that change is possible – not only in the beauty industry but in society in general. As consumers it is important to denounce the complacent racism of the cosmetics industry, but the activism and support that beauty brands have shown for the Black Lives Matter movement gives hope for a future.

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