The Benefits of Using A Kardoune, The Algerian Healthy Hair Straightening Method.

The Kardoune (pronounced “Qardoon” – قردون), is a traditional Algerian haircare tool that allows your hair to stay untangled and soft after a long night of sleep, Algerian women still use this traditional technique today as it went from a generation to another. 

The Kardoune is a very simple tool, it’s a type of ruban that you tie on top of a low ponytail then roll down till the tip, before tying it again. Depending on the length of the ruban, it can be long enough for you to roll a second time till the top of your ponytail.

Algerian women put their Kardoune after a shower, blow drying their hair or just brushing it and getting it untangled. However, the hair should not be wet but damp. The common use of it is to keep it all night long, but some women also like to keep it during the day. It is a practical way to avoid being bothered by your hair during a busy stay at home day.

The main benefit of the Kardoune is that it’s a “no-heat” way to discipline your hair no matter how curly or frizzy it is. If you’re in the mood for less volume or want it to be easier to braid and style your hair in the morning, it’s going to become your best friend. You’ll be delighted at how quickly you’ll get ready in the morning. 

Of course, this method will not give you the same result as a hair straightener or a hair dryer, but if you’re into more natural and less damaging ways to soften your hair, the Kardoune is the best of both worlds. It is very inexpensive. You can even handcraft it or use a simple ruban. The only condition is that it should be quite wide as It wouldn’t work with a narrow one.

Some women like to use a hair rubber band to help secure it on the top, others like to apply hair oils before using it, it really depends on everyone’s customisation’s taste. Once you get familiar with this simple tool, you’ll become very creative with it. 


Sarah Tran - Sweet Kardoune.

Tran mentions that since she has Asian straight hair, she didn’t think it would straighten the upper part of curlier hair. For that, we advise you to slick down your hair from the root with a good brush before tying your hair using a hair rubber band to secure it and then start rolling the Kardoune.

You can also wear a bandana or silky scarf on your scalp to provide your hair from moving during the night. This is one of the tricks that we were talking about earlier and that women have been using for centuries, because North African hair is so various that all people have different methods to tame it.

Kardoune is a highly recommended tool to keep your hair straight with no heat and no damage, we suggest it as part of your hair routine, a little heat-free straightener that might become your little secret. 





By Meriem Toumi
Featured image by @nourelm

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