TOP 5 Makeup Trends to Freshen Up Your Summer.

The clear blue sky, the sunshine, milder temperatures! Summer is fast approaching and here is a selection of new trends that can inspire you to create your summer makeup looks.


A statement in Korea taking all over the world.

Glass skin stands for natural, healthy glowy skin achievable with good skincare regiment and amazing genetics to begin with but you can achieve this look even if you do not have perfect skin.

Here are some tips in order to achieve the glass skin effect:

Hydrating primer: in order to moisturise your skin and give it a natural sheen.

Second skin/transparent foundation: a very lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser that is not heavily pigmented, the aim is not to cover your imperfections but to unify your complexion

Spot concealing: use a concealer or a corrector of your skin tone to cover the blemishes and irregularities you may have on your

Liquid highlighter: Liquid products have a more natural finish on the skin as they melt into your foundation apply a little bit on the high points of the face with a makeup sponge with light dabbing motions.


The 2020 version of cat eyes!

It is a fantastic way to give our look an exotic sexy feel to it and spice up your summer night out. this trend is very popular among supermodels especially Bella Hadid who inspired and influenced heavily this trend. How to achieve it:
there is no specific technique to use to achieve this look the aim is to create an angled line from the eye outer corner taking your brow tail as a guide. a gradient fade from dark to lighter as it goes to the inner corner.

You can use half false eyelashes in your outer corner as well as a little eyeliner flic into your tear duck to accentuate the sharp almond shape of the foxy eyes look.



After years of matte lips being the way to go juicy lips from the late 90s early 2000s are back and we are here for it !

It is much more comfortable on the lips has a more natural fresh effect and with the evolution of makeup formulas, glosses are creamier, less or not sticky at all.
You can play with colours and textures, from clear to opaque from creamy to glittery or even holographic let your creativity speak!


It is the best compromise for people who want to play with color but are afraid of it!

Pastel are very soft yet they add a pop of colour into your eyes, there are no rules to pastel eye you can add a touch of it in your inner corners pop it all over your lid or even make a blend of different shades. Don’t forget to put on some mascara and tight line your upper lash line and waterline in order to not wash out your look.


Even if thick bushy eyebrows have been in trend since 2016 new techniques made it easier and reachable for everyone.

It gives a natural organic feeling to the look yet still polished and not all over the place and you do not need naturally thick eyebrows to achieve it.


SOAP BROWS: An old Hollywood trick to keep your eyebrows in place and give them the shape you like! Use a dampened translucent soap and a spoolie to brush up your eyebrows and let it

USE A BROW PENCIL: draw on hair strand where you have empty spaces in your eyebrows, you can use any eyebrow product you feel comfortable using, brow pencils are more precise and faster but you can achieve the look with a brow cream or a brow shadow as

CLEAN UP: any mistake with a touch of concealer underneath your brows.

You can mix and match those trends to create your unique summer looks and get creative with it, after all it is just makeup there is no commitment if it goes off when the day is over.

By Radja Kettouche

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