After-Sun Skincare Routine.

After a long day getting tanned in the beach , it is necessary to learn how to rejuvenate your skin and moisturize it with the right products. Summer means sun exposure and tanning season, and whether you’re enjoying a drink in a balcony, or sunbathing in an island, sun exposure can cause damage the skin and lead to unwanted effects that is way skin should be protected at all costs and shown love and care after a vitamin D daily dose. Enjoying the sun’s glowing rays and its beautiful summer [...]
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Everything You Need to Know About Huda Beauty’s Skincare Brand ‘WISHFUL’

Your wished-for skin has never been easier with Huda Beauty’s ‘WISHFUL’ skincare line which was launched earlier this year. Huda Kattan, the genius behind Huda Beauty joined the multi-billion dollar skincare industry and shared with her Instagram family the secret behind her flawless skin. Developed in South Korea, WISHFUL assures skincare fanatics that their products are cruelty-free, vegan, and contain no harmful ingredients. Image: WISHFUL started its skincare journey by launching its first product the ‘Yo Glow’ Enzyme Scrub. The exfoliating scrub contains many amazing ingredients to help remove [...]
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fall hair trends haircuts

The Hair Trends to Rock This Fall

The Hair Trends to Rock This Fall The end of summer is the perfect time to change up your haircut. Summer means your hair has suffered from dryness and dullness due to sea salt, chlorine and the sun and it only needs one thing: to be groomed and cut. A selection of fashionista 'dos and runway looks, SU has the perfect overview of the trendiest cuts to don at the end of the summer. From the androgynous short cut to the superbly slicked back long hair, there is something for [...]
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Fenty Skin: Everything You Need to Know About Rihanna’s Skincare Brand

Fenty Skin: Everything You Need to Know About Rihanna’s Skincare Brand Following months of anticipation, singer, designer and businesswoman Rihanna finally added a skincare line to her Fenty empire - Fenty Skin. On July 31st, the multi-talented star launched her brand with a trio of multi-tasking products named “skin start’rs”, for the perfect minimalist skin routine. The products contain skin-perfecting ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, as well as other robust ingredients from all around the world such as Barbados Cherry (rich in vitamin C) and more. Inspired by her [...]
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Affordable skincare brands to add to your routine this summer

It can be pretty costly to keep up a good skincare routine and maintaining it regularly. Fortunately, in recent years, new brands of affordable cosmetics and skincare products have emerged. Despite the misconceptions cheaper products can have, some brands are much more effective with fewer ingredients harmful to health and the environment. Here is SU's selection of the best affordable skincare brands to have in your bathroom or beach bag. Paula's choice Paula Begoun has done what no one else dared to do in the world of beauty: tell the [...]
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Summer Hair Care: How to Protect Your Balayage

Summer Hair Care: How to Protect Your Balayage Hair goes through many external aggressions daily that affect its feel and appearance. And for those with the perfect sun-kissed balayage, summer can easily dull it out over time due to repeated washing, styling products, sea salt, swimming pool chlorine, and the sun. Here are some tips and tricks on how to protect your hair color during the summer months. Hair Sun Block Under harsh UV rays, colored hair is even more sensitive than natural hair. It requires good protection to prevent [...]
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The Pros & Cons of Permanent Makeup

The Pros & Cons of Permanent Makeup When permanent makeup comes to mind, people tend to think of heavily lined lips or artificially drawn black eyebrows - the tattoo-style makeup of the 80s and 90s. But in recent years, this makeup method has progressed a lot, with improved technology that consist of implanting pigments in the skin for a longterm but non-definitive effect. When done by a specialist with precision, it can actually look very natural and effortless. The evolution of permanent makeup was made possible thanks to lighter textures, [...]
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The Kim K Generation and How It’s Affecting Us Today

The Kim K Generation and How It’s Affecting Us Today Kim Kardashian - whether you support her or not - is an overnight celebrity and internet icon that some have even referred to as the Marilyn Monroe of our generation. She rose to fame over the years after a reality TV show chronicling her and her family’s life put her in the public eye. Today, Kim transformed her reality TV success into Hollywood royalty - she heads an unfathomable amount of businesses, is married to a hugely successful rapper, and [...]
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The Beauty Industry’s Dirty Secret: Greenwashing

The Beauty Industry's Dirty Secret: Greenwashing The term "greenwashing" has been used more and more in recent years to describe the practice of deceptively marketing products to persuade the public that they are more environmentally friendly than they actually are. A flagrant case of this happened in 2015, during the Volkswagen emissions scandal that led consumers to believe the car they were buying was much more green than it actually was. This practice affects many industries today, and the cosmetics industry is no exception - Certain mass consumed brands are [...]
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summer nails trend manicure colorful simple minimalist easy

The Manicure Trends to Rock this Summer

The Manicure Trends to Rock this Summer As summer is upon us, it's time to switch up our boring old manicure for a fresh and fun polish. This season's nail trends offer just that - from pops of color and reinvented french manis to graphic designs, here are the coolest nail trends straight off the runway. Colorful French The classic French manicure consists of creating a natural-looking nail by redrawing the tip of the nail in white before covering the base with a nude polish. But summer is time for [...]
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niche perfume brands inspirational scents

The Niche Perfume Brands You Need to Know

The Niche Perfume Brands You Need to Know A perfume is not to be chosen lightly - it is something sacred, that defines your personality and forever marks the spirit. Niche perfume brands offer a unique alternative to the mass market of fragrances, often worked in an artisanal way to favor quality and bespoke ingredients. The scents are rarer, finer, and deeper, making the relationship with the perfume all the more personal. SU has set out to create a selection of niche perfumes to help you find your signature scent [...]
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These Apps Decipher Your Beauty Product Ingredients

These Apps Decipher Your Beauty Product Ingredients It's not easy to decipher the list of ingredients on beauty products. Are they really as natural as they claim? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Benzophenone, Butylated Hydroxyanisole… these molecules with complicated names are all considered toxic by clean beauty standards. These five apps and websites help to decrypt complicated ingredient lists, making it easier to see if your products are harmful to your health or the environment. Think Dirty Think Dirty is one of the easiest apps to use - simply scan the product [...]
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