Sustainable is the New Cool on Instagram & We are Loving it

While the biggest challenge for the fashion industry today is to have a clean and sustainable supply chain, the consumers' mindset is evolving and the importance of buying eco-friendly and ethical products is rising. The idea of having a complete ethical process is still hard to achieve due to the global circumstances that shape the production of a garment, and that concerns the whole industry including big fashion brands. However, new entrants in the market are reshaping the industry by being completely transparent about the design and production process, which [...]
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4 Must-Have Boots To Know For Fall 2020

Image: @filis_pina Summer 2020 is undoubtedly one we will remember - as it is now gone, it's time to swap your sandals for boots and put yourself in a pumpkin spice everything mood because fall quickly approaches and we're quite excited about it. That said, to achieve the epitome of style during this season, your key piece is boots. From chunky to slouchy, these are the boot trends you'll see everywhere this season. Chunky Boots Image: @emilisindlev You probably have seen them earlier this year, chunky boots are definitely a [...]
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Uighur brands genocide

Chinese Uighur, The Ignored Genocide.

Global fashion brands are being accused of complicity in the mass repression of China's Muslim community. Zara, H&M, Nike, Calvin Klein, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and many more get their supplies of cotton from factories that exploit the minority of Uighur. The region, Xinjiang, is where the Muslim-majority lives and is also where the cotton gets sourced. Being so, human rights protestants and activists have started to raise awareness around the issue on social media. Based on credible proofs and investigations, they have named over 38 companies that are clearly connected [...]
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sandra mansour

A closer look to Sandra Mansour’s collection with H&M

H&M's first collaboration with Arab designer Sandra Mansour is today available online and in-stores. The collection, entitled "Fleur du Soleil" is a beautiful mix of edgy and soft materials all handcrafted to create a youthful empowering look. The collaboration aimed at celebrating women's femininity and is dedicated to the designer's love of nature. The different details of the collections are made of ruffles, tulles and different layers of textiles including dark tones and embroidered organza, a tribute to Mansour's love of art and nature. With the 'Fleur du Soleil' collection, [...]
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Casablanca womenswear collection 2020

Luxury Menswear Casablanca has Launched its Womenswear Collection

Launched around two years ago, the French-Morrocan brand by Charaf Tajar Casablanca has earned a rapid increase in popularity. Recognized by its comfortable and high-quality designs, the luxurious brand infuses Roland Garros and the sunbaked terracotta of North African aesthetics - and it's finally providing a womenswear collection too. Source: @casablancabrand There has always been strong sensibility running through the Casablanca DNA, so launching a dedicated womenswear collection makes total sense for us. Charaf Tajar on Casablanca's first womenswear collection. Source: @casablancabrand The debut of the new womenswear set has [...]
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Modest Clothing : The Art of Layering

featured image: Instagram @sarajpg_ Modest Clothing : The Art of Layering Discover the principles of the prominent hack ruling modest fashion and learn how to master the art of layering. Layering or putting together several items in one outfit has recently taken control over modest wear, and is becoming more adopted in modest style. Although the style trick can be challenging at times, as the mix and match of different options can be risky,  layering isn’t just a technique ,it is an art, as it takes more than combining a number [...]
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Regional Fashion Designers Who Care About Our Planet

The fashion industry is facing another global pandemic, and this one is not a virus, but a challenge into shifting its production into a more ethical one. With consumers becoming more and more conscious of the supply chain behind anything they are buying, fashion labels are shifting into a more ethical production system, or at least some of them are trying to. Being the world's second most polluting industry, the idea is to foster change into a greater ecological and social system. The good news is that many labels are [...]
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Where To Get The Coolest Protective Face Masks

Where To Get The Coolest Protective Face Masks Since face masks are becoming mandatory all around the globe, by now, you probably (hopefully) have curated one at your local pharmacy or elsewhere - but, as 2020's most memorable and essential accessory is, so far, here to stay, it is now time for you to invest in a stylish-reusable one. In lockdown, many small and independent businesses have been in the fabric-mask game, a lucrative and useful way to channel their creative talents - see the list below for a variety [...]
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Beyonce’s Black is King is a Celebration of African Culture, Fashion and History All-In-One

Beyonce's Black is King is a Celebration of African Culture, Fashion and History All-In-One We all know Beyoncé is the queen of absolutely everything. From her iconic Lemonade visual album released in 2016 to her heartfelt love letter to HBCU colleges in her Netflix Homecoming documentary, she has never failed as a strong African-American female role model. Yet her latest visual masterpiece, Black is King, seems to be taking her artist skills to another level - one that we didn't even know existed. The musical film and visual album, released [...]
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5 Influential Women from the Middle East & North Africa

While the fashion industry is constantly evolving in the Arab world, a wave of powerful women behind innovative brands have already made their mark. Whether they're based in the MENA region or internationally, these brands are not only shaking up the fashion sphere but also celebrating the region's heritage by reinventing traditional pieces. Keep reading to discover the inspirational Arab females behind these one-of-a-kind brands. Faiza Bouguessa Image: French-Algerian Faiza Bouguessa founded her Dubai-based label Bouguessa in 2014. Her clothes mix minimalism with tradition as the signature piece of [...]
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The Body Positive Influencers You Need on Your Timeline

Image: @palomija The Body Positive Influencers You Need on Your Timeline The past decade has seen a huge transition in the way society is perceiving women's body types. Long gone are the model-thin prototypes and unattainable images from magazines, a new generation of body positive influencers, models and image makers are dominating our timelines. Keep reading to see some of the most inspirational girls out there. Ameni Esseibi As the Middle East's first curvy model, Ameni took over the MENA region by storm. The Tunisian-born, Dubai-based model can now be [...]
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The Ultimate Eid Al-Adha Style Guide

featured image : @thirteenonine The Ultimate Eid Al-Adha Style Guide Get into the festive spirit and celebrate Eid Al-Adha in the most stylish way this year. Like many religious occasions, Eid Al-Adha is considered to be a beautiful spiritual celebration. It's a time for muslims around the world to strengthen their religious ties and also enjoy dinners and gatherings with family and loved ones. Why not take advantage of the event to dress up in your most stylish and standout outfit –after all, it is a day like no other. [...]
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