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Interview with French Algerian Photographer, Moz Ero.

Today's conversation is with French/Algerian photographer Moz Ero. He shares today with Social Unseen his passion for photography and how it all started. SU:   Hi Moz, thank you for accepting the interview with us           How did your love for photography start? MOZ:    Hey Social Unseen! The first time I touched a camera was longtime ago, I was 11 years old. I remember back then, my school organized a trip to the mountains and my parents bought me a disposable camera to catch memories [...]
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emerging designer

Discover Xia, The Jordan based Ready-To-Wear Brand by Zainab Kisswani.

Today's conversation is with Jordanian designer, Zainab Kisswani, founder of Amman based Ready-to-Wear brand Xia.Kisswani shares with Social Unseen the idea behind the brand and how she perceives the fashion industry in a regional and global perspective. SU:    Hi Zainab, thank you for accepting our interview SU:    How did you have the idea to create Xia?  ZK:    I wanted to create an affordable and accessible ready-to-wear Arab brand. Think high-street, but Arab. I wanted the brand to feel luxurious in its aesthetic, quality and choice of fabrics, [...]
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In Conversation with May Orfi, Designer of Mayka

Today's conversation is with Egyptian designer May Orfi, Founder and Designer of the contemporary womenswear brand Mayka. Orfi shares today with Social Unseen the inspiration behind her brand and her passion for the unique concept behind Mayka. SU:    Hi May, we’re glad to have you on Social Unseen. MO:    Hey there! it's my absolute pleasure. SU:   Where did you study Fashion design and how was the experience? MO:   I studied fashion in Esmod Dubai, and had an educational background of graphic design in AUD, which helped me [...]
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In Conversation with Fashky, Dubai Based Content Creator.

SU:    Hi Saira, nice to meet you! Thank you for accepting the interview with Social Unseen. SU:    What does your Instagram username Fashky mean? SF:    It was a quick name my husband joked about when thinking of a name, as I enjoy fashion. So I decided to go with it. Its very lighthearted.   SU:    Do you fully work as a content creator? SF:    Yes.   SU:    What is your educational background? SF:    I Studied Business Management with a Marketing specialism. SU:    [...]
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In Conversation with Ines Aktouf, Founder of Social Unseen.

Inès Aktouf is the founder and creative director of Social Unseen, she is also a PR in a luxury agency and a freelance stylist. Ines was born and raised in Algeria until she was 18 years old, where she moved to Paris to study fashion at Istituto Marangoni Paris – after her graduation, she moved to Dubai where she is now working as a jewelry PR and managing her platform at the same time. As a business partner and very close friend, I might know her quite well. She is [...]
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In Conversation with Reem Al Mobayed, Dubai based Content Creator

Reem Al Mobayed is a 26-year-old Dubai based content creator and business developer for Jardin Des Parfums. Reem is of Syrian origin but was born and raised in Dubai. After she graduated in mass media from the Canadian University of Dubai, she has been doing working as a TV host and Business Developer of Jardin Des Parfums, a niche perfumery brand from Dubai as well. Besides her job, she is a content creator with an audience of 21 000 of followers in which she shares her positive, inspiring journey. SU:  [...]
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Meet-Up: In Conversation With Vanessa Villani

Vanessa Villani is a digital content creator, model and entrepreneur, she owns a brand under the name of Haddes and recently co-founded a hostesses agency named Vahanna Agency in London. Discover more about her beauty tips and personal background. SU:    Thank you for having us Vanessa! Your hair is beautiful, what is your secret?  VV:    Thank you, I do a Brazilian blow dry every 6 months and I always use a conditioner or a mask after my shampoo (I change my hair products very often), I also use [...]
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In Conversation with Dorianne, Algerian Digital Influencer.

Dorianne is an 18 year-old Turkish Algerian digital content creator based in Bejaia, Algeria. With her beautiful and unique features, the young lady managed to inspire many of us through the simple little grids she publishes, telling her 35 thousands of followers about her fashion taste, beauty, lifestyle but also singing talent. Dorianne stands out in social media, thanks to her 60’s inspired style, blending vintage yet with a modern it-girl vibe, she represents a muse for the vintage authenticity lovers, reminding us of a 60’s movies actress, she also [...]
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In Conversation with Zahra Harkat, Algerian TV producer, Actress & Philanthropist

Zahra Harkat is an Algerian actress, TV presenter, producer and philanthropist. Living between Algiers and Paris, the inspiring woman is today in conversation with Social Unseen to tell us about her career path, her ethics as a feminist and engagements for sustainable and eco-friendly campaigns, but also her current beauty and lifestyle routines; a beautiful conversation with one of our inspiring muses! SU:    How did you start your career as an actress? ZH:    Honestly it was very random, I have always been involved into art and audio-visual projects, [...]
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In Conversation with Maha Slimani, Model Manager & Coolest Mama.

Today's conversation is with Paris based model Manager, Maha Slimani, she will tell us different stories about her experience as a mother and how at the same time she manages her professional career in the leading modelling agency IMG Paris. Maha also shares with her 35 thousand followers a daily dose of an authentic positivity around everyday life tips, fashion and also beauty. SU:    How did you deal with quarantine knowing that you had to manage your work from home and your 6 months baby girl at the same [...]
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Ameni Esseibi

In Conversation with Ameni Esseibi, First Plus-size Model in the Middle East.

Ameni Esseibi is the Middle East’s first curvy model, Tunisian born she is today the pioneer of the body positivity and diversity in the region, Ameni has been featured in the most prestigious magazines including Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Vogue Arabia and many more, and has done work for Farfetch, 11 Honore and other leading industries in Dubai. The plus-size model encourages self-confidence and self-love and believes that accepting your body is crucial. I wanted to interview this 21-year-old beautiful and inspiring lady to raise awareness about how impactful words can [...]
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In Conversation With Lana Qatramiz, Dubai Based Stylist.

Lana Qatramiz is a Dubai based Stylist with Syrian roots; she spent her childhood in Paris where she studied Fashion Design at the prestigious school ESMOD. After she moved to Dubai, she worked as a personal shopper at the Dubai Mall where she styled the city’s most famous people by bringing her own personal French touch that mixes femininity with edginess. Lana is indeed a real connoisseur and knows how to style an outfit in the simplest yet sophisticated way. Lana is today a Senior Private Stylist in a leading [...]
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