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In Conversation With Nessma Djouhri, Ceramic Artist and Founder of Lutum

In Conversation With: Nessma Djouhri, Ceramic Artist and Founder of Lutum. Nessma Djouhri is a 25-year-old Algerian ceramic artist based in Dubai, she handcrafts her beautiful objects combining minimalism and tradition. After completing her arts degree in Goldsmiths University and continuing to work in London, she then returned to Dubai to create her own artistic vision called Lutum. SU:    Hello Nessma, we are glad to have you featured on Social Unseen! We love your story and would be delighted to know more about your journey until now;     [...]
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In Conversation With Vannillio, Digital Content Creator & Fashion Entrepreneur.

Nilofar Yaqoubi known as Vannillio on Instagram, is one of the most inspiring girls to follow, the very sophisticated 28 year-old influencer and entrepreneur is of an Afghan origin, she grew up in The Hague, Holland where she is currently settled, with over 170k followers, she’s probably one of the most inspiring girls on the gram, combining a simple minimalist style with an inspiring background. Besides being an influencer, the young lady has had few projects in the industry, she used to have a shop called Maison Vannillio, where she [...]
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