5 Reasons Why you Should Consider Visiting Algeria

Algeria is the largest nation in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean basin. Traveling from region to region can seem like journeying from a country to another because of its impressive diversity, yet, it doesn’t receive the attention and love it deserves. Here are 5 interesting reasons why you should consider visiting Algeria Three Natural Regions The Mediterranean sea on the north, the Sahara desert in the south, and the mountainous chain of the interior between them, the country has a variety of natural environments to explore. Although the [...]
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Uighur brands genocide

Chinese Uighur, The Ignored Genocide.

Global fashion brands are being accused of complicity in the mass repression of China's Muslim community. Zara, H&M, Nike, Calvin Klein, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and many more get their supplies of cotton from factories that exploit the minority of Uighur. The region, Xinjiang, is where the Muslim-majority lives and is also where the cotton gets sourced. Being so, human rights protestants and activists have started to raise awareness around the issue on social media. Based on credible proofs and investigations, they have named over 38 companies that are clearly connected [...]
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5 Inspiring Artists from Lebanon

5 Inspiring Artists from Lebanon Renowned for being one of the most artistic countries in the Middle East, Lebanon continues to produce rising modern artists through the last decade. Keep reading to discover a curated pick of talented artists from Lebanon. Yasmine Hamdan • ياسمين حمدان Image Credit: Flavien Prioreau (courtesy Crammed Discs). Paris-based Lebanese singer and composer Yasmine Hamdan is known for her unique style in the Arab scene as it breaks all the codes. She likes to create modern, dreamy, and melancholic songs arranged with elements from contemporary [...]
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Anissa Kermiche, the French Algerian Artist who Combines Art with Fun

Anissa Kermiche is a jewelry designer and ceramic artist whose eponymous brand has lifted the attention of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, and Harper's Bazaar. Anissa highlights women's audacity and power while showing their femininity by using curves and circles in her art, a beautiful representation of her own self. Kermiche also puts an emphasis on choosing beautiful precious stones while associating her creativity and technical skills to constantly defy conventional methods and ideas inked in the industry. Anissa's designs include shaping earrings as lamps [...]
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Saudi Influencer Alaa Balkhy Launched an Arab Creatives Directory

Saudi Influencer Alaa Balkhy Launched an Arab Creatives Directory 2020 has been the year of unprecedented change, but also of revolution. The Arab world has taken note from the BLM movement, not only in support of it but also creating its own movement in the Arab community. It's exactly this newfound call for change that has catapulted Alaa Balkhy to take a stance. The NYC and Jeddah-based creative has been one of many to speak out against the misrepresentation of Arabs within the Middle Eastern media landscape - an industry [...]
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Discover Social Unseen’s Playlist, You Won’t be Disappointed.

Summer is not canceled, and whatever you are planning to do to forget the recent tragic circumstances, you will need a soundtrack of songs to accompany your mood. So whether you're spending your summer in Ibiza or in your sofa, Social Unseen has selected some old and new tracks to brighten it up , the playlist is filled with a mix of afrobeats, R&B and trap music like Future, Wizkid, Kaytranda, Aminé, DaBaby etc. Although the world is still fighting the two major pandemics of Coronavirus and racism - It's [...]
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The Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

The Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram We all need inspiration for design from time to time, and Instagram is definitely the treasure trove for creatives. Social Unseen curated a list of one-of-a-kind designers to follow, and while their styles may vary, they all share common qualities - a love for craftsmanship, an eye for curation and a passion for materials. Rose Uniacke Rose Uniacke is an interior designer and antiques dealer who melds contemporary style with old and organic materials. Minimalistic yet somehow remaining warm and welcoming, her [...]
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Algerian Natural Escapes: Where to Go This Summer

Algerian Natural Escapes: Where to Go This Summer From the expansive Sahara desert to gorgeous beaches and UNESCO world heritage sites, Algeria is definitely North Africa's hidden gem. Here are the must-visit places to discover the country's untapped natural beauty. Image: Atakor Atakor volcanic field is a beautiful landscape that lies in the Hoggar Mountains. The breathtaking geographical structure includes lava flows and over 400 volcanic vents that create an amazing scenery. Located in the Ahaggar National Park, the red-brown dry earth is dotted with jutting peaks, and looks [...]
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ilyes griyeb vente au profit du comité Adama Traoré

Moroccan Photographer Ilyes Griyeb Sells His Photos To Stand Against Racism

Image: "Garçons" by Ilyas Griyeb Moroccan Photographer Ilyes Griyeb Sells His Photos To Stand Against Racism 'A picture is worth a thousand words', this proverb has never been so accurate this time, as we're witnessing several changes all over the world. In fact, the death of George Floyd gave birth to a new activism approach and many people are taking actions to fight injustice in all its forms. The French-Moroccan photographer, Ilyes Griyeb known for his artistic eye toward everyday life scenes' chose to face racism by creating a series [...]
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Fashion Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

Fashion Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram The fashion industry is shaped by several actors including designers, models photographers and many others that we tend to credit but rarely mention as such. Social Unseen wants today to highlight those creatives behind their camera who keep capturing the greatest fashion moments, each one in his own style. Kalid Hasan Dubai based photographer, filmmaker and art director, Kalid aka @kalidazed on Instagram captures the beauty of a simplicity in a sophisticated way. His avant-garde style and fashion forward images has got him [...]
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Iconic Algerian Movies You Need to Watch

Featured image : Iconic Algerian Movies You Need to Watch Algerian films serve as storytellers of political, historical and social movements throughout time. Colonialism, war and history films were the dominating themes of Algerian movies in the 60s, but throughout the years, a new generation of producers and filmmakers have shed light on Algeria’s political and social status. Films now address many Algerian taboos in a cinematic light, sometimes portraying the harsh realities and historical impact from the country’s past and present. From visual interpretations of famous books to [...]
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Our Favorite Songs by Modern Middle Eastern Artists

Our Favorite Songs by Modern Middle Eastern Artists A certain image might pop into your head when it comes to Arabic music, reminiscent of long weddings and your parents' oldies playlist. But a recent crop up of younger artists from the MENA region has put a refreshed spin on their traditional roots, creating a new wave of Arabic music for our generation. Discover Social Unseen's playlist that sheds light on North Africa & Middle East's coolest new artists. Lolo Zouaï - Desert Rose Laureen Rebeha Zouaï (aka Lolo Zouaï) is [...]
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