Subrina Heyink Vintage

Editors’ Pick: The Best Online Consignment Stores

The fashion industry has become increasingly more aware of the dangers of mass production and fast fashion, leading the way for thrifting to become all the more popular. With retailers and consumers rethinking how to sell and consume, putting an emphasis on sustainability and ethical shopping, buying second-hand clothing is a great way to shop responsibly.

The resale market is booming with emerging resellers standing out with unique pieces, curated and meticulously chosen based on their style. See our selection below of the best up and coming consignment shops that are taking over the world of slow fashion.

Subrina Heyink Vintage

Subrina Heyink is the founder of the vintage shop that goes by the same name. The Nigerian stylist first opened her store in 2017 but quickly grew the business on instagram, at the time a unique marketing strategy that allowed her to showcase her inventory and make it easily accessible to buyers. She later took advantage of story highlights to further expose the products. @subrinaheyinkvintage makes our list because of their unique designer items, such as a one-of-a-kind ’90s Jean Paul Gaultier knit dress or a vintage Escada shirt, all at very reasonable prices.

Singulier MTL

Singulier MTL is an online consignment store founded by Elif Filyos and Ada Cakar. Operating from Montreal, the shop offers retro-minimalist items, designer pieces and even a home decor section. Their collections include ’60s inspired floral dresses, vintage Chanel strappy sandals and Issey Miyake tops – the coveted pieces hunted by Elif Filyos herself, a fashion blogger turned entrepreneur. The shop also offers a shoppable Instagram account where you can envision how to style the pieces and easily click and buy.

gucci singulier MTL
singulier MTL

Images: @singuliermtl

Les Fleurs Studio

Founded in 2017 by Maria Bernad, Les Fleurs Studio is a Spanish label that sells vintage clothes, decoration and art pieces, as well as an original clothing collection designed by her. Maria’s collection is inspired by 17th-century paintings and sculptures – fusing pearls, organza, and pastel colors to create dramatic and artistic pieces. In addition to the romantic aesthetic, good ethics and a promise of sustainability are part of the brand’s vision, making her a stand-out in slow fashion.

Elia Vintage

Elia Vintage is an online vintage store that sells effortless-minimalist staples including linen suits, retro dresses and silky blouses, all in a creamy palette of whites and beige. Refreshing its inventory daily, the shop has a large, rotating selection of hidden finds. When in doubt, scroll through their Instagram for style inspiration.

Elia Vintage pistachio dress
Elia vintage

Images: @eliavintage

Mirth Vintage

In addition to their Brooklyn-based vintage boutique, Mirth offers an online shop as well, with a selection of second-hand clothing, accessories and shoes as well as designers pieces. The shop’s must-have monochrome pieces are staples in any minimalist’s closet. If you’re looking for a neutral and timeless look, this is your one-stop shop.

Mirth vintage
Mirth vintage

Images: @mirthvintage

By Narimène Chaib

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