How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Since organizing your wedding day is already a lot of work, choosing your dress should not be an added stress. Here are Social Unseen’s tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect bridal gown.

Season & Location

Be it a summer beach wedding in the Caribbean or an autumn wedding in a French castle, the big event can take place at any time of the year. Elements like the weather and the type of location (forest, garden, heated ballroom, beach…) are major factors to keep in mind while looking for a dress. Depending on your season and location, you can choose your dress’ form; long-sleeved, backless, train that goes on for miles… the choices are endless. Feeling too cold or too hot on the day of should not be a problem, so keep this is mind to prevent that from happening.

Body Shape

Every single woman is different and each one of their body shapes has their own particularities and features to enhance. Thankfully, bridal choices offer an array of dresses for any body type, to perfectly adapt to your unique silhouette.

1. The Mermaid/Trumpet Dress

                                                                                                                     Lola Varma, Midnight Sun, 2020

The Mermaid (or Trumpet dress) is perfect for those with hourglass and tall and thin body types. It’s slim from the waist to the knees, then flairs out from the knee to the bottom. The shape majestically enhances the curves of the body. The bride is then free to choose the length of the tail depending on taste and comfort.

2. The A-Line/Princess Dress

                                                                                                                     Danielle Frankel Studio, Emily

The A-line dress gets its name from the “A” shape of the skirt. The garment is slim from the top to the hips and flares under that. This silhouette is very secure and suits almost every single body type. It can fit hourglass, full figure, petite, apple, and pear body types, and it makes the figure look curvier. It is not advised for tall & thin bodies because it tends to make the upper body look even thinner and smaller compared to the enhanced lower part.

3. The Column/Sheath Dress

                                                                                                                                         L’ETO BRIDAL

With a very simple and minimalist line, a Column/Sheath dress polishes the silhouette and gives it a beautiful sleek look. It’s always elegant no matter if you have an hourglass, petite or tall & thin figure. It lengthens the legs and gives the body a very slender appearance.

4. The Empire Waist

                                                                                                                Half Penny London, Daydreamer

Empire dresses have a fitted bodice below the bust and give a high-waisted appearance. The outline is flattering for pear, apple, petite, and full figure shapes. It helps to lengthen the body and gives it a vintage look. It also tends to enhance the chest, so avoid this shape if you’re looking for a more subdued look.

5. The Ball Gown

                                                                                                              Odylyne The Ceremony, Annora

Just as the name describes it, this kind of dress gives a ballroom-like, Cinderella look and suits pear, apple, and tall & thin body shapes. For the brides who want to look like a princess on their special day, this shape gives a noble feel, very elegant when dancing with a partner.

Fittings & Try-On

Trying on the dress and attending regular fittings is a major step in the process of choosing a dress. To avoid too much chaos and pressure, bring no more than three of your closest family members and friends to give their opinion. A panel of five or more people with all different tastes can make you hesitate even more, leaving you confused on what you really want.

Pick three people who you can count on for their honest and constructive opinions, but who also know your style. It’s important to know when someone is projecting their own personal taste on you, and how to avoid it from affecting your choice. Your best bridal dress team will help you notice important details about the dress, point out potential modifications and alterations, and weigh the pros and cons of the dress with you. Be sure to plan ahead to leave enough time for alterations so that it fits like a glove on the big day.

Style & Comfort

This is probably the most important factor in choosing a wedding dress – to always feel comfortable, beautiful, and as if the dress was made for you. Don’t let yourself be swayed by relatives’ opinions of what they’d like to see on you, always go for your own personal style and what makes you feel best. This will be your special day, and you will remember for years to come, so make sure you get exactly the look you want.

Consider these tips to make your wedding day as seamless, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. One of the highlights of your lifetime, let go of the insignificant things and be sure to bask in the moment celebrating your couple’s union and happiness.

Featured Image: Odylyne The Ceremony, The Star Crossed Lovers

By Meriem Toumi

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