Ines, Founder of Social Unseen Shares Her Skincare Routine. 


I had acne when I was a teenager, and I really suffered from it mentally, I was not feeling confident and I developed a serious complex because of t.

I remember applying the thickest foundations to cover it thinking that it was my problem-solver but I realised that it actually showed even more.

Growing up, my acne reduced a lot, but the consequence on my skin made me feel embarrassed again: scars, dilated pores, oily skin, excessive brilliance…That was the moment I started to think of getting a proper routine, and guess what? It began with a great face cleansing and I also I stopped wearing foundation, and replaced it with a concealer that I only apply on needed areas, and I saw real improvements!

“Having a great face cleansing routine and  replacing foundation with a concealer made my skin look healthier.”

Biologique Recherche P50

P50 from Biologique Recherche:  It is my everyday purifying lotion, Biologique Recherche has developed this lotion to boost the epidermis’ natural exfoliating process, this product has never been meant for intensive marketing campaigns, it does not contain any perfume and it is not meant to please you by its packaging, it has been made to work, improve and enhance your skin’s self-regeneration potential.

The P stands for Peeling and 50 for 50 days in which the exfoliating process will be effective enough to remove all the dead cells and completely purifies your skin for a clean, new bright skin tone. My absolute favorite that I highly recommend.

Shiseido Waso Giga-hydrating

I have used so many moisturiser brands, from niche to well-known, I can tell you that this one from Shiseido is one of my favorites!  The texture is quite thick and gelish , it smells really good and hydrates without giving too much brilliance. However, make sure you try it before you get it cause I don’t think it is suitable for everyone, really depends on the skin type!

Chanel UV Essentiel SPF50:

The use of sunscreen is essential. It is extremely important for the health of your skin, between premature aging of the skin and all kinds of skin reactions.

It has also an antipollution filter to protect your skin from free radicals and pollution, and keep the skin looking young, radiant, and even in tone, which is a must when you live in a big city like Dubai.

C.E.O Sunday Riley

I have made some research about how effective Vitamin C is on my skin, it’s very important to understand the combination of the product you’re using! In fact, Vitamin C is known as the superstar of skincare, it has antioxidant that helps in smoothing your skin, it removes dark spots, increases elasticity and firmness and brightens your skin tone. 

I started buying Sunday Riley two years ago, when I discovered the product on Net-a-Porter,  as I really like trying new products, I ordered a trial kit of the brand’s best-sellers, and I fell in love with the Sunday Riley C.E.O Vitamin C, which became part of my daily routine.

 Hydra Chanel Micro Serum

My favorite gel so far, let me explain why: It is smooth, light, hydrating, fresh and I have seen real improvements in my eye-contour, it brightens the area and really helps removing the puffiness and dark circles. I highly recommend, pricey but worth it.

Pixi Glow mist

What I really love about this product is the fresh roses smell, I don’t use foundation so I don’t have to blend anything together but I love how it just perfectly moisturizes my skin and give it the perfect glow

I use it before and after makeup, depending if I want to add more highlights or moisturize better before applying any brush. What I can tell you is that it really helps in fixing and keeping your makeup on for hours!

Dr. Barbara Strum Scrub

This exfoliant combines a great mix of antioxidants and essential oils to refine your skin. I personally use it once to twice a week and I’m very satisfied with how my skin looks like, soft, healthy and instantly moisturized. 

The only problem I would say for this product, is the price: $70. I mean, for the same result, I would rather get the Caudalie one which really has the same effect for my case – But if you want to try like I did to compare, why not!

Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator

It is by far one of the greatest surprises ever!  Its texture is ideal for a sensitive combination/oily skin, it refines its texture and purifies it without dying it out. The exfoliant is very creamy, infused with grapefruit, mint and sweet orange and is 97% made of natural ingredients – 

It’s a very effective product that really worked on my skin. I can see instant results right after using it, my skin looks very smooth and healthy. Price: $49

Patchology Eyepatches

When I miss sleep or when I look tired and my under eyes area dehydrated I use these eye patches.

Patchology FlashPatch Rejuvinating Eye Gels are Comfortable to wear and very hydrating and perfect for a pamper day, It has a background in medical patch technology which is very reassuring since the skin in this area is very delicate and very sensitive.

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