4 Ways To Make Your Jewelry Last Longer

Jewelry is amongst a woman’s finest possessions, passed on from generation to generation, marking special events and occasions, a piece of endless memories. All the more reason why a fine jewelry collection should be looked after with great care.

With attachments and sentimental value holding us to our collections, here are a few recommendations to protect and prevent your jewelry from disrepair, ensuring a long life to precious stones and fine metals.

Give your jewelry a break

A risk is taken every time jewels are taken from their box. The more jewelry is used on a daily basis the more risk it has to be damaged, and although jewelry is made to be worn, there are key things to avoid while wearing the most fragile pieces.

Daily activities such as working out, cooking or cleaning can cause precious jewels to lose their shine. Avoid wearing your jewels during these potentially harsh activities.

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Clean your jewelry

Your favorite ring or chain might start losing its luster after a lot of usage. Daily direct contact with everything and anything could lead the sparkle in jewels to fade, and in order to prevent that, clean your jewelry regularly to ensure a clean and sparkly jewelry set.

Specialists advise with many ways to safely-clean jewels; for a simple and easy wash use dishwashing soap, warm water and a tooth brush to reach all nooks and crannies. It’s not recommended to use harsh cleansers like toothpaste as it can potentially harm the material of your jewels.

Avoid contact with certain materials

In order to extend the longevity of precious jewelry pieces, avoid contact with certain substances that could potentially ruin your items.

Spraying perfume on your necklaces may cause discoloration of metals and stones or take away the shine. Lotions can also be damaging on silver, gold, soft stones or pearls. Most importantly, stay away from strong chemical cleansers and avoid direct contact with wood.

Store it smartly

Knowing how to store and pack jewelry protects it from unwanted damage. Set different jewelry stands around the house to keep it safe, add protective pouches when traveling with bags and luggage, and they should be kept safe.

As for safekeeping, jewels should be secured from theft by choosing a special spot in your home, preferably in a safe in your wardrobe or vanity. A velvety and well-organized jewelry box will also keep them from tarnishing or being tangled. When traveling, always remember to carry your jewels on you – in your personal bag or carry on – as lost luggage or airport theft could mean a huge loss.

Jewelry boxes and storage

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By Chaima Halima Filali

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