Four Female Arab Jewellery Designers to Love and Follow.


Alexandra Hakim, a half British half Lebanese jewelry designer who makes her pieces from recycled materials of everyday objects, in other words: the designer recycles unused things to give them a new life, a great way to give aesthetics a new valuable meaning.

What Social Unseen loves about Alexandra Hakim, is the beautiful combination of Lebanese traditions within foreign cultures, the designer knew how to create an endless harmony without blurring its lines, she tells us a story of an authentic, modern, fresh woman who didn’t forget about where she comes from.


Hak by Hakima Al Said is another beautiful example of a great fusion between cultural values and contemporary designs. The Omani designer willingness to refine her international taste of exploration into a one avant-garde aesthetic is beautifully successful, her pieces balance between boldness and femininity which contrasts within the brand’s beautiful heritage.



Many people know about the playful, sparkling and eye-catching Paris based jewelry brand, the cool dazzling pieces worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga or Anna Dello Russo and crafted by Tunisian-born Shourouk Rhaiem. The designer drew her inspiration from life it-self, her runique taste explores a brilliant, bright vision of the everyday life, giving it a sense of gaiety and happiness, just like a fairytale.  

The designer has extended its line into a more minimalistic one and launched S by Shourouk, a selection of beautiful jewellery pieces perfectly defined by simplicity. Opulent and practical, easy to wear for an everyday look, S by Shourouk is definitely our brand crush. 


As a homage to her personal identity, the Moroccan designer, Samia, reinterprets her traditions into a modern authentic handcrafted piece of jewelry that addresses a beautiful message of authenticity.

Yelli Jewels advocates a sustainable approach in which the brand slows its production to an eco-ethical one, where its pieces are manufactured in a limited quantity to avoid the waste of raw-materials, an overall view that is certainly a win-win situation for both of the brand and the environment, it is indeed a great initiative!

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