From protesting to conscious acts and choices, there are many ways to support the Black Lives Matter Movement, some influencers had the idea to share educational resources including books, movies, and documentaries with their followers, others shared links to raise funds or petitions to support the different movements. But a group of social media “influencers” has been roughly criticized when they decided to show their solidarity with the BLM movement, we understand their attention to do good, but the least they could have done is to educate themselves about a cause if they genuinely care about it.

Few of those insta-celebs have put makeup to darken their skin, some just photoshopped it, others played with an afro wig, ignoring how wrong and racist their actions are.

Syrian born Instagram activist and artist @Sainthoax called out the influencers by explaining them the history of the blackface and stereotypes of black people.

“It’s infuriating that we still need to educate people about the racist and painful history of blackface. We shouldn’t be having this conversation in 2020.”

The majority apologized and removed their posts, others just set their accounts private. Algerian actress and singer Souhila Ben Lachhab explained in a post that as a native Muslim in the Southern part of Algeria, she grew up with both black and white people with no difference or racism, and it is undoubtedly true. Black Algerians and Sahraouis are probably less affected by the Blackface than Black Americans, the mistake in here, is to depict and understand how and to whom you are addressing your message before relaying it.

Others like @tanisaleh chose to keep her post and showed a lack of cultural understanding and chose to defend herself despite the “hate” she’s getting.

Educating ourselves on hot topics and causes like anti-racism and discrimination is crucial. Social Unseen has provided you with resources to educate yourself about it and understand what might be offensive and how we can globally contribute to face it, racism is the other hidden pandemic that has always been affecting our society.

By Ines Aktouf

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