Spot the 5 Coolest 2020 Jewelry Trends

This new decade’s fashion trends are changing the game; we have witnessed the evolution of the fashion industry in the past years, starting from the consumers’ appetite for jewelry, which appears to be at its highest peak.

Image : Instagram @ports1961

The race for the success of many jewelry labels relies on the relatedness with the latest trends, from the most prestigious catwalk shows of the year to the little jewelry shops down the street, trends spread faster than we think.

Runway designers placed emphasis on jewelry pieces to complete the statement looks, jewels of all styles and kinds were present stronger than ever in this year’s fashion shows, everything from colorful jewels to big chunky chains, this season’s trends are based on the theme of edgy jewelry.

A little wardrobe update could cheer you up a little, during these long days at home, so if you’re ready to find out what’s new and what’ in this season, it’s the right time to check our list of the latest 2020 jewelry trends.

Image : Pinterest Bottega Veneta Spring 2020 RDT Fashion Show

1. Chain-link necklaces

The chain-link jewelry are back this season, The big chains on the runway models of Bottega Veneta in Milan fw 2020 were dazzling, while the chains were layered over smaller chains on the Chloé Ready-To-Wear show.

Gold , Silver or Colored chain links are IN this moment, the designers went full creative on stand out pieces, the influencers are validating this trend and the jewelry lovers are willing to invest in it for a trendy edgy look.

Image : Pinterest Brandon Maxwell Spring 2020 RDT Fashion Show

2. Colorful Jewelry

Get ready to spark some color in your wardrobe this summer, colorful jewels were spotted on the runways, from the multicolored beads and florals to the big colored gems, there’s a variation of choices on the Brandon Maxwell show at NYFW 2020 and the Ports 1961 Ready-To-Wear fashion show 2020.

It is the right time to defeat the fear of wearing color and accessorize using this season’s most stand out and trendy colorful jewels.

Image : Pinterest Prabal Gurung Fall 2020 RDT Fashion Show

3. Pearls

Pearls are usually the go-to classic jewels; they are making a strong combeback this season. The catwalk designers have modernized the pearl jewelry,  it is not so classic and vintage looking anymore.

They have created head pieces, layered necklaces and uniquely designed earrings, by mixing different gems and shapes of pearl, when in need of a chic trendy look, add pearl jewelry.

Image : Pinterest Proena Schouler Spring 2020 RDT Fashion Show

4. XL Hoops

The bigger the better!  That was this season’s statement of the runways, Hoops have been a popular piece since years now, but this year it is trending on a higher level, as it has taken over the fashion shows and social media.

Ditch the regular hoops and double the size; the oversized hoops are the pair of earrings needed to add a little extravagant and trendy touch to your outfit.

Image : Pinterest Jaquemus Primavera Summer 2020 RDT Fashion Show

5. Single Earring

The solo earring have been present in some of the biggest shows of 2020, from Marc Jacobs to Prabal Gurung, styled with originality, these pieces are strong statements that they’re needless of other jewels.

Offering a variety of choices, colorful ones, pearls and outstanding shapes, All what’s needed is getting out of the comfort zone and picking a trend.

By Chaima Halima Filali

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