While the biggest challenge for the fashion industry today is to have a clean and sustainable supply chain, the consumers’ mindset is evolving and the importance of buying eco-friendly and ethical products is rising.

The idea of having a complete ethical process is still hard to achieve due to the global circumstances that shape the production of a garment, and that concerns the whole industry including big fashion brands. However, new entrants in the market are reshaping the industry by being completely transparent about the design and production process, which is today key in gaining the buyer’s trust.

People want to wear a garment that has a meaning, that says something and lasts long. As such, new fashion brands have recently emerged to fulfill the fashion consumer’s need to feel more unique.

Havre Studio – a Copenhagen based label is currently every fashionista’s favorite brand. The core value of Havre is to recycle garments and mainly men’s suits to redesign them into short blazers and skirts, the idea is to give the piece a new purpose and to prolonge the life of the garment. Every piece is recycled from vintage finds in Mexico city to create the most unique set.

Havre’s objective is to shorten the life cycle of a garment and at the same time provide the buyers within a qualitative and unique piece that can be worn for years and even transmitted through generations.

Sustainable fashion is the new Instagram trend and we are loving it. In fact, other brands like The Pangaia, the sustainable loungewear brand that emerged during the recent pandemic’s isolation. Based in Italy, the brand uses recycled fabrics with bio-based fibers as well as recycled plastic and garment waste. Pangaia is known for its bright colored sweatpants and t-shirts and has recently launched sustainable and eco-friendly sneakers made of grape leather and recycled rubber.

By Ines Aktouf

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