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The Body Positive Influencers You Need on Your Timeline

The past decade has seen a huge transition in the way society is perceiving women’s body types. Long gone are the model-thin prototypes and unattainable images from magazines, a new generation of body positive influencers, models and image makers are dominating our timelines. Keep reading to see some of the most inspirational girls out there.

Ameni Esseibi

As the Middle East’s first curvy model, Ameni took over the MENA region by storm. The Tunisian-born, Dubai-based model can now be found on the cover of magazines like Haya Magazine and interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Look out for what’s to come by this fierce model.

Jada Sezer

Jada ran the 2018 London Marathon in nothing but her underwear, proving once and for all that being fit doesn’t necessarily mean being a certain body shape. She’s open about her GG chest and curves, and even recently graced the cover of Women’s Health magazine – a true idol for all curvy women.

Ashley Graham

An OG body positive model, Ashley garnered world-wide attention after appearing on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover in 2016. The cover came as a shockwave, as Ashley was the first plus-sized model to appear on the cover of the magazine known for its stick-thin models. She has since become an advocate, leading TED Talks, authoring a book, and recently showing off her stretch marks after giving birth.

Paloma Elsesser

LA-raised, NYC-based Paloma got her break after being tapped by Pat McGrath for her Instagram makeup campaign. Since then, she has taken the fashion world by storm, booking shows among the likes of Fendi, Alexander McQueen, and Lanvin to name a few. Paloma is one to watch and definitely a sign of the high fashion world opening up to new horizons.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra is a British curvy model and #AerieREAL role model. She made waves as an underwear model for the Aerie campaign, one of the first marketing campaigns to not photoshop their models and use body positive messaging. She has since become a spokeswomen for curvy girls and recently gave birth to a baby.

By: Helena Devincenti

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