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The Innovative Designers Behind Hijab Fashion

Hijab fashion is filling an essential gap in the fashion industry, leading the way for pioneering designers who are incorporating modest fashion into their style. These creators are elevating the conservative look and proving that fashion does not have to come second to modesty. From niche brands to big fashion houses, see our selection of creative designers who are making a major difference in the fashion world.

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Malaysian star and actress Neelofa is a the founder of fashion brands Naelofar and Lofa. The young entrepreneur runs an empire of hijabi ready-to-wear fashion that blends her personal taste with a cool and modest touch. A mix of style, femininity and edginess, the rising designer quickly garnered fame in the modest fashion crown, and established herself as a pillar of hijabi sophistication. Neelofa‘s unique boldness is definitely one of the brands taking hijabi fashion to greater heights and inspiring millions in the industry.


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CEO of Haute Hijab and a modest fashion muse, Melanie Elturk is an ambitious and innovative entrepreneur who is changing the game of hijabi fashion. The inspiring fashionista created her label in 2010, which has since become the  one-stop shop for stylish and luxurious head scarves. Today, Melanie is considered among the most influential designers in the modest industry thanks to not only her high-quality and unique hijabs but also by being a true role model and style icon on Instagram. The designer uses her platform to uplift women and convey a powerful message behind her Haute Hijabs, one that encourages women to set their own rules and terms for their style. She successfully and effortlessly combines modesty and elegance, with high-end contemporary pieces.

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Diana Kotb is an influential modest fashion designer with an established background in the industry. The former Marie Claire Australia editor went from working with brilliant designers and creators in fashion and PR to making her own way in making garments. Her brand’s essence is elegance, timelessness and sustainability – Diana Kotb is the ultimate address to shop for high-quality, refined and modest pieces. The niche label is perfect for elegant and understated hijabi wearers who prefer clean and simple cuts. From high-quality everyday dresses to haute couture wedding gowns, Kotb incorporates exquisite materials with stylish and modern collections, leaving her very own footprint on modest fashion.

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Co-founders and designers of Vela Scarves, sisters Marwa and Tasneem are among the most innovative young talents in the industry. Their journey began in 2009, when they recognized that there was a lack of scarf options for hijabi girls. Only 18 at the time, the two sisters set out to create scarves that they dreamed of wearing – representing courage, creativity and perseverance. They paved the way for a new vision of what modest fashion should look like, hoping to create scarves that the hijabi community would wear proudly.

The sisters translate their one-of-a-kind style through the handmade stylish hijabs, designed in house by Marwa. From custom color curation to airy, breathable fabric, the hand-sewn and hand-dyed scarves are effortless and comfortable without compromising on quality. It is undeniable that the brand’s out-of-the-box designs and unique creative perspective are the driving forces behind their success. Their range of light chiffon headscarves are not only well-made and uber cool, but also each piece carries a philosophy and a story, making the brand all the more special.

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Hana Tajima is a British-Japanese designer and a digital content creator known for her minimal and contemporary fashion taste. Her blog became a must-read platform all over the world thanks to her strong voice, but also because of her unique artistic vision. She has since become an influencer in the hijabi community, with Tajima’s modest picks and bespoke aesthetics setting her apart in the digital and fashion industry.

Other than her first womenswear line Maysaa, she has also collaborated with artists such as Rosie Lowe and more recently, Japanese retail giant Uniqlo. The super cool collab celebrates the strength and beauty of women with a collaboration of hijabs and ready-to-wear modest collections inspired by her personal taste. Marrying innovation, passion, and now even global tastes, Hana is undoubtedly an impactful element in the hijabi industry.

By Chaima Halima Filali

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