We live in a digitized sphere where celebrity models and Hollywood icons are the ones who mostly drag our attention on social media, but what about our regional content creators, models and it-girls? Social Unseen Editors have shortlisted a list of accounts who would definitely change your vibes. Instagram is more saturated than ever today, and as part of our vision, making you discover hidden talents and beauties is our number one focus. From North African to Middle Eastern beauties, discover today size inclusive fashion girls who really know how to inspire us. 

With her colorful recognizable aesthetics, Soraya is the go-to account for those who would like to wear more colors in the most elegant and edgy way mixing high end designers like Bottega Veneta with niche ones, she is definitely the it-girl to follow if you’re lacking ideas for Summer 2020 trends. 

Dana is a Lebanese visual artist and singer based in Dubai, very minimal yet sophisticated, her aesthetics are made of inspiring shots around fashion and music, the young mom knows how to wear statement bold pieces in the most elegant way.

@camelicked AKA Iman El Deeb

Iman El Deeb owns a modelling agency based in Cairo called Unn Model Management, Imen inspires us with her unusual natural beauty but not only, she puts forward local beauties within international brands to break down social beauty standards on a global scale.

@by__miy AKA Kheira Tigrine

We all know the rise of modest it-girls on social media has increased, and we couldn’t be more proud! Social Unseen editors recently discovered another inspiring modest it-girl, Kheira Tigrine aka @by__miy has a thing for warm and earthy tones, her outfits, from streetwear to edgy/feminine are a perfect combo for everyone who wants to keep an eye on fashion trends in a cool and feminine way.

Victoria is the cool girl you need to get in your feed, from fashion to more artistic shots, she knows a thing about how to be both French and Moroccan, Victoria is a must for any lover of a French lifestyle.

By Ines Aktouf  – Featured image: @by__miy

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