Timeless Beauty: The Over 50 Year-old Fashion Icons.

Instagram is no longer the place to be for the mid 20 year-old fashionistas only, as there is a rise of over 50 women who are just as inspiring. Style is definitely not defined by age anymore. They are a great demonstration of a timeless taste, where age would definitely be a pointless number, especially when talking about fashion!

We have selected few of our most inspiring over 50 year old women who give us a great lesson of style!


@meryemsfirst is a beautiful example of a young lady who took the decision to post her 67 year-old Moroccan-Dutch mom’s street-wear outfits instead of hers – The very cool Mama wears some of the trendiest brands, from streetwear to high-end, we can easily spot the Gucci shoes and the nike sweatshirts. Sometimes she goes for Asos Man, an androgynous choice that does not fit everyone on the gram, trust me!

Images: @meryemsfirst

“Stay visible! Once women pass a certain age, they don’t get looked at anymore.”

Says Grece Ghanem to Vogue. 

Grece Ghanem:

Grece Ghanem was born and raised in Lebanon, after the war, she went to Montreal, Canada where she is today settled. From microbiologist to personal trainer, she is today with no doubt, a great representation of style! From minimal to prints, Grece has her own “Less Is More” signature that even when she wears streetwear brands, it stays effortlessly chic and classy.

Lyn Slater:

63 year-old Fashion Icon who knows how to slay on the Gram! Another woman who proves that age is just a number. Lyn Slater is indeed very avant-garde and contemporary in the way she dresses-up. Initially a blogger and fashion enthusiast, Lyn surely knows how to combine high-end labels with new designers to create the most effortless yet very stylish outfit.

Images by @iconaccidental

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