Dorianne is an 18 year-old Turkish Algerian digital content creator based in Bejaia, Algeria. With her beautiful and unique features, the young lady managed to inspire many of us through the simple little grids she publishes, telling her 35 thousands of followers about her fashion taste, beauty, lifestyle but also singing talent.

Dorianne stands out in social media, thanks to her 60’s inspired style, blending vintage yet with a modern it-girl vibe, she represents a muse for the vintage authenticity lovers, reminding us of a 60’s movies actress, she also inspires her followers with Hair tutorials, skin care, makeup, food recipes even books and many more.

SU:    You have a unique simple style, where do you get inspired from?

DG:    I usually get inspired by my mother’s vintage style, she’s got many inspiring photos when she was young and as a vintage lover, I just love it! Other Pinterest helps a lot.

SU:    What does your quarantine life look like?

DG:   I have to admit that it has not been easy since I’m very active usually, but I try my best to keep my mind busy and do something interesting every day.

SU:   Which books have impacted you the most?

DG:   As you might know already, I’m half Turkish, and I love Turkish writers, my favorite is from Elif Şafak , called “Soufi Mon Amour”.

SU:    Growing up between two cultures, how did this affect your personality?

DG:    I believe that growing up between two cultures has enabled me to get to reference models in which I can identify myself, I also grew up speaking three languages including Algerian, French and Turkish, and I think it’s a great chance!

SU:    What is your hair-routine?

DG:    Before washing my hair, I tend to do an oil bath and natural masks to nourish my hair, and I also use the same shampoo for a very long time, actually since I was very young! And it’s a chamomile-based baby shampoo from Garnier.

SU:    You share a lot of homemade beauty recipes; how would you consider them better than the industrial beauty brands?

DG:  Yes, because I believe that homemade products are healthier since they are all organic and you’re the only one who decides which base it should have which I think is great ! And of course, the results are better.

I use a lot of oils and products from Beauty & Bio, a 100% organic brand made in Algeria that I absolutely love.

SU:    Styling vintage pieces can be satisfying, what are your thoughts about thrifting?

DG:    Aw yes completely! I’m a huge secondhand fan, I believe that vintage stores give you the ability to be unique, and that is the main reason why I love browsing in this kind of stores, I love finding the piece that no one has, it’s so satisfying!

SU:   What are your must have vintage accessories?

DG:   A small leather bag!

SU:   What clothing piece that you think expresses Doriannesgallery’s taste?

DG: A flare jeans for sure.

SU:    Besides fashion and beauty, you are passionate about singing, how did it all start?

DG:    I always loved singing since I was young, I actually always sing, my family sometimes tell me that I need to stop haha! But singing enables me to express my emotions and feelings it’s a passion and I really love it.

SU:    If you had a choice, would you focus more on your singing career?

DG:    No to be honest it’s more like a personal pleasure than something I would like to focus on professionally.

SU:    What are the 3 Makeup products you can’t lay off?

DG:    Bronzer, concealer and lip-gloss.

SU:    Ramadan/Quarantine can be a perfect time to take care of your skin, what are the skin care products that you’re relying on during this period?

DG:   Yes for sure! Lately I’ve been trying my best to apply natural masks, usually clay or coffee-based ones and beside that I use a lot of oils and products from Beauty & Bio, a 100% organic brand made in Algeria that I absolutely love.

I believe that vintage stores give you the ability to be unique.

SU:   It is also a great time to reflect about things, what are the things that you’re thinking you would add/omit from your account?


DG:   No I wouldn’t delete anything from my content but I would really like to create more fashion videos on my IGTV – I’m also working on my stories content now!


SU:    Being a public person can be challenging sometimes, what is the message that you want to convey to young girls through your content?

DG:   I don’t consider myself that public but if I had an advice to give to young girls I would tell them to never believe what they see on social media cause it’s far from being reality, do not get fooled about the dream sold on Instagram.


SU:    What has quarantine taught you?

DG:    I learnt how to be patient, I also took it as an opportunity to concentrate on myself, take care of my skin and create more content on Instagram and especially being able to spend more time with my family!


SU:    Which social media accounts boosts your mood?

DG:   @Fukay1070 I love it, it’s very entertaining.

Edited and translated by Ines Aktouf

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