Reem Al Mobayed is a 26-year-old Dubai based content creator and business developer for Jardin Des Parfums. Reem is of Syrian origin but was born and raised in Dubai. After she graduated in mass media from the Canadian University of Dubai, she has been doing working as a TV host and Business Developer of Jardin Des Parfums, a niche perfumery brand from Dubai as well. Besides her job, she is a content creator with an audience of 21 000 of followers in which she shares her positive, inspiring journey.

SU:   Hello Reem, we are glad to feature you on Social Unseen!

How did your love for niche products and brands started?

RM:    When I started working with the sister company of the family business and I was exposed to the real world, with American board doctors and actual pharmacists that took me through the real stuff for beauty and cosmetics. I realized that this kind of, sort of stole my heart.

SU:    Why do you favour niche brands over large international cosmetic groups?

RM:    I tried both, and I saw the honesty in niche brands than bigger brands. I have realized that niche brands are more of professionals at what they do as they are specified in a certain line let’s say, unlike bigger brands they follow commercial strategies more.

SU:    How would you define being an authentic influencer on Social Media?

RM:    It’s never in the “numbers” for me, it’s all in the content actually.  When I see an influencer working so hard on her content, have her style and unique image in the industry I know she is a real one. It is not easy to keep up with trends and then have yourself be “unique” in the certain “trend” that is running.

SU:     You have a naturally beautiful skin and you do not hesitate to put pictures of yourself without makeup on Instagram.

What are the top 3 holy grail skincare products that are part of your daily routine?

RM:    Oh wow, that is a hard one! Okay to be honest, I am a pharmacy product shopping sucker! I know my skin way too well by now, so I can’t live without both my Cetaphil PRO cleanser and moisturizer, and my mineral based SPF from Kiehl’s

SU:     What are your essential products that can be found in your makeup bag?

RM:     Concealer, Mascara, Lipstick

SU:    Who inspires your daily outfits?

RM:   Honestly many do, but I prefer Pinterest and get many inspirations from there.

Take your time to figure what makes you a unique person, hold on to it and nothing will ever break your shine.

SU:   How many times do you do facials?

RM:   Other than taking care of my skin at home, I try my best to do Hydrafacial or Silk peel facials at professional clinics every month because I can’t stress enough how amazing they are!

SU:    Tell us about your favorite places in Dubai for facials?

RM:    I have been to many, and my favorite clinic is Highness Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City. I do them with an actual dermatologist, Dr.Suha, rather than a beauty technician which makes me even more confident and skin-safe 

SU:    You have a long beautiful hair; how do you take care of it?

RM:    I am safe to say it’s the genes! Both sides of the parents have good hair genes, however I do maintain it and I’ll tell you it is NOT easy. Watching all those beautiful hair trends, it is really hard. But, I avoid so much heat, hair dye and I use a water filter for my hair. I mask from time to time not frequently, but I do use my natural Argan, coconut oils from time to time with a good scalp massage. 

SU:    Your favourite restaurants in Dubai?

RM:    Toko Downtown, Sah el noom (my Syrian side),  Salt (my calories side) !

Know your worth, love yourself, and remember nobody is you and that is your super power.

SU:    Give see three essentials for you daily outfits

RM:    Jeans, then Jeans and more Jeans! I have a thing for jeans and I have realized that I have more jeans than dresses which doesn’t seem right but I totally don’t mind it!

SU:    If you were three luxury brands, which ones would you be?

RM:    Chanel for class, YSL for presence, Gucci for diverse. That’s what I see in those three brands I believe they fit my personality differently

SU:   Heels or sneakers?

RM:   Sneaaaaaaaaakers all the way!

SU:   How did you deal with Ramadan and quarantine?

RM:   Honestly I am used to being home. I am a very family oriented person and it has not really changed anything for me except for the extra calories all was perfect and amazing. Couldn’t be more blessed.

SU:   You have a simple, casual and natural make-up style. is it important for you to sublimate your beauty without necessarily changing it at all?

RM:    It is a statement of who I am, and it explains me really well. I love simple and natural in general not only in makeup I believe it is way more attractive.

SU:   How would you differentiate yourself from other influencers in the Middle East?

RM:   I will start by not calling myself one. I’d either be a real one or I don’t deserve this title. But I can say what makes me different, I support more than take. I realized through the years it is not fame what I want, it is the joy I have when I am able to support anyone even if it is through a certain product. The enthusiasm I have for helping people is unreal.

SU:   You are a person with multiple talents and very versatile. How do you manage all your professional activities?

RM:    Believe it or not I don’t. I am human, and I do lag sometimes. But my secret is this is my nature as a person. I love this chaos so much and that’s what made me good at juggling it the way I want it to be, and it’s completely through letting everything be. I believe everything has its own way of being done, and I just let it be.

SU:   By promoting simpler and more natural makeup looks, your audience identifies with you more easily. What are the 3 tips that you could give to a young woman who follows you and lacks in self-confidence?

RM:    Know your worth, love yourself, and remember nobody is you and that is your super power.

Believing that every human has their own identity helped me so much realize mine, we all have a unique point in us and acknowledging this point is not easy. Take your time to figure what makes you a unique person, hold on to it and nothing will ever break your shine.

Edited by Ines Aktouf

Images: @reemalmobayed

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