Nilofar Yaqoubi known as Vannillio on Instagram, is one of the most inspiring girls to follow, the very sophisticated 28 year-old influencer and entrepreneur is of an Afghan origin, she grew up in The Hague, Holland where she is currently settled, with over 170k followers, she’s probably one of the most inspiring girls on the gram, combining a simple minimalist style with an inspiring background.

Besides being an influencer, the young lady has had few projects in the industry, she used to have a shop called Maison Vannillio, where she sold low-priced beautiful unique pieces, but the avant-garde influencer recently announced on Instagram that her store is being closed for some unknown reasons, probably to build other more enthusiastic projects, similarly, the young lady has another uncommon passion, she is a football player for the Feminine National Team of Afghanistan, rare but real!

From Marrakech to Montego Bay, her wanderlust and great sense of fashion keep enthusing us and her thousand admirers.

SU:     How would you describe your style?

NY:        My style is a mix of High-street and premium fashion, I like to wear casual with a feminine touch to make it more elegant. It should look like you didn’t try too hard but still look stylish.

SU:    Your hair is amazing; Would you share with us your hair routine and the products you’re using?

NY:      Thank you, that’s sweet. I honestly don’t have a specific hair routine since I like to try out new products. There is actually one hair tool I can’t live without which is my Dyson Airwrap, since I travel a lot it’s such a great product you can take with you anywhere. It dries, styles and even curls your hair quickly. I have always been a big fan of Dyson and only because I’m a Dyson ambassador but because it really makes my hair happy and does way less damage my hair compared to other product.  The only product I do always use are hair serums. I’m currently using the Balmain overnight repair serum and the Gisou one,  I don’t believe that a product does magic to your hair but it can sometimes help your hair looks less frizzy.

SU:    What are your 3 mandatory makeup products?

NY:    Mascara, bronzer, and a nice lipstick

SU:     How did you develop your passion for football?

NY:     When I was 6 I started gymnastics until I was 16 which and I really loved and still love this sport. Meanwhile I also always enjoyed playing football but my parents thought it was a sport for boys, I didn’t want to leave gymnastics but unfortunately I could not practice two sports, so I quit gymnastics after 10 years and convinced my parents to go to a football club. Since then I start growing in the football world and playing for my own country (Afghanistan) was definitely one of my highlights.

SU:      Do you prioritise Fashion over football?

NY:     I don’t prioritise any of them since I love both and they are two different things in life to me. I have always loved football, but as you get older you will choose things that you also have a future with and that is for me in the fashion world

SU:   You recently closed your shop Maison Vannillio, would you tell us the reason why you did?

NY:     I’ve had my store for over two years and absolutely loved it. However I couldn’t focus 100% on my store since Instagram is also a full time job and I travel a lot. Having a store is like having child, you need to fully focus on it.  I decided to continue online as an e-shop soon and hope this works better for me.

SU:     As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to your community regarding a project that didn’t last?

NY:    First of all always believe in yourself. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Believe that you can succeed, and you’ll find ways through different obstacles. If you don’t, you’ll just find excuses. Believe in the work you do, this is something you should always do wether you think your project lasts or not. Challenge yourself and take risks but don’t have high expectations, we never know the outcome of our efforts unless we actually do it, always learn from your mistakes and see how you can improve your work. I believe that failure makes you move closer and closer to success.

Challenge yourself and take risks but don’t have high expectations, we never know the outcome of our efforts unless we actually do it.

SU:    I understand you are partnering with some amazing luxury brands due to your high engagement and amazing content; Could you share with us the reason why a brand would go for a partnership with Vannillio and not another similar influencer?


NY:      I only work with brands I truly believe in and I’m very selective in choosing collaborations. Sometimes I even do unpaid collaborations if I really like the brand. Nowadays you see that many other influencers do everything for the money. I think it’s important to build a true relationship with brands you work with, I always try to create content in an authentic way that also matches the brand.

SU:      How do you describe the competitive environment in the digital influencer sphere?


NY:      There was a time where you didn’t even need to worry about competitive environment since there was such a small group of followers back in the years. There is now a lot of competition and you see that many people want to be inspiring to each other in the same target, yet you notice that brands select people who can be an example for that.


SU:       Do you think brands would still work with influencers in the future?


NY:        When you choose the right online influencers, they are very much aware of what’s on the minds of potential customers. I think brands are taking a chance with new and modern marketing strategies to improve the impact of their campaigns, the effectiveness of their messages and, of course, increase brand awareness.



Images from Vannillio.

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