Today’s conversation is with French/Algerian photographer Moz Ero. He shares today with Social Unseen his passion for photography and how it all started.

SU:   Hi Moz, thank you for accepting the interview with us

          How did your love for photography start?

MOZ:    Hey Social Unseen! The first time I touched a camera was longtime ago, I was 11 years old. I remember back then, my school organized a trip to the mountains and my parents bought me a disposable camera to catch memories during my trip. But I remember more shooting my friends to be honest, at that moment, the only thing you rally appreciate is to be away with your friends.


SU:    How did your photography story begin?

MOZ:   I still consider myself in the beginning of the journey, but in the moment I decided to pursue my career in photography happened when I decided to quit my job and focus on working in something I’m passionate about. I started by taking pictures of what inspires me, the streets, my city.. And one day, a male model contacted me to do a shoot in my hometown, he was wearing a brand that he collaborated with back then, which actually contacted me to offer me a job. & here I am today. 


SU:      How would you define your photos?

MOZ:   I’m not looking for perfection in a technical perspective, what I personally like, is to catch the moment, the majority of my images are stolen moment. I work mainly with argentique, that is what enables me to know exactly what I want before I capture anything. 

algerian photographer

I’m not looking for perfection in a technical perspective, what I personally like, is to catch the moment.


SU:       What is your main source of inspiration?

MOZ:    The everyday life inspires me a lot, it can be a scene on the street, a movie, and old cover…

SU:       What do you want to portray through your photos?

MOZ:    The present moment, natural emotions and the reality.


SU:    How do you think you can grow as a photographer? And in which field do you want to specialize?

MOZ:   I would like to work with different brands that have different universes to finally be able to focus on personal projects.

algerian photographer

SU:      What does art mean to you? And how do you associate it to your photos?

MOZ:     Art represents a fundamental aspect of my life, whether it is related to cinema, drawing, music…I’m very sensitive about it and inspired by art in general. Before I capture anything, I try to get inspired by several things at a time for example.


SU:    What is your biggest challenge as a photographer?

MOZ:   I think it’s the ability to express several emotions according to whose picturing your image. 


SU:    What kind of advice would you give to another photographer?

MOZ:  I honestly still consider myself in the beginning of my career, I don’t think I can give you the greatest advices ever but what I can tell you, is the importance of loving and enjoying what you do. 

Interview by Ines Aktouf 

Images: Courtesy of @Moz_ero

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