Vanessa Villani is a digital content creator, model and entrepreneur, she owns a brand under the name of Haddes and recently co-founded a hostesses agency named Vahanna Agency in London. Discover more about her beauty tips and personal background.

SU:    Thank you for having us Vanessa! Your hair is beautiful, what is your secret? 

VV:    Thank you, I do a Brazilian blow dry every 6 months and I always use a conditioner or a mask after my shampoo (I change my hair products very often), I also use Argan oil on the tips of my hair. 


SU: Why did you move to London? Do you prefer it over Paris?

VV:    I moved to London straight after I finished my studies: I wanted to learn English properly and have an experience living abroad.  I prefer London over Paris, I think Paris has a beautiful architecture as a city but I prefer living in London, because it is much more welcoming, safer, very cosmopolitan, and it’s a city that never sleeps; there is always something going on.

SU:    What is your education background? do you think it helped you in your career?

VV:   I studied international trade, then cosmetology. Yes my two years of international trade definitely helped to set up my company in another country. 

Even my degree in cosmetology was helpful, we had to organize lots of events and projects during my last year in university, what I’m doing now is based on organization, meaning providing the right staff for different events, so even if I don’t use my degrees it’s definitely helping in my career. 


SU:    You’re Algerian-Italian, born and raised in France; How does It feel to have three different origins?

 VV:    I love it, France is home I grew up there and luckily my Algerian family (from my mom) is in France as well, so I’m very close to them and to the culture but sadly I have only been to Algeria once. I hope to go back soon. 

As my Italian family lives in Italy I only see them once a year when I go visit but it feels like home too. The best thing about my three origins is definitely the food!

The best thing about my three origins is definitely the food!

My two years of international trade definitely helped me in setting up my company in another country. 

SU:   How did you gain your popularity on Instagram?

VV:    My brother started on youtube few years ago so he is very popular on instagram as well: it definitely helped me, people were curious to see his entourage so they started following me and I also got reposted few times by popular Instagramers/brands.


SU:    I love your new aesthetics on Instagram, it’s more conceptual and romantic now – Why did you decide to change it? 

VV:    Because of quarantine I had nothing new to post so I decided to be more creative at home and allow my followers a change of scene. 


SU:    You’ve done several advertised posts for Pretty Little Thing; How do you see the evolution of this brand in couple of years?

VV:    If they continue to follow all the trends and to keep on using the good method of advertising I think they can become huge. It’s affordable and they offer a big panel of choice so everyone can find something that suits their styles. 


SU:    How did the idea of becoming an entrepreneur came into your mind?

VV:    I come from a family of entrepreneurs so it was always on my mind; I didn’t want to work for someone else than myself.


We need to be aware that we all have insecurities and that no one is perfect.

SU:    Why a hostess agency over a modeling agency?

VV:    Actually it’s both but we are more focusing on the hostess side because we worked in hospitality (when I say we, I talk about my business partner and myself) we have decided to move together to the UK.

Our English wasn’t good enough to work in our field, so we started working as hostesses, this is why when we opened the agency we decided to focus on this side and use our experiences and contacts. 

SU:    What is your off-duty makeup routine?

VV:     First, Moisturizing my face with my Nivea cream and my ordinary serums. Second, I use the foundation from L’Oréal (accord parfait beige dorée) plus the concealer and translucent powder to fix the foundation plus some bronzer and pinky blush. Then, I try to keep the eyes very simple with brown eyeshadow : I apply around the base of my eyelashes (top and bottom) then I add some mascara and I brush my eyebrows, and I apply some actually a lot of Vaseline on my lips. Last, I have a bit of freckles so I like to use a brown pencil to go over them to highlight them.


SU:    What is your definition of success?

VV:    To me it’s enjoying what you are doing while getting the results you wanted to reach. 


SU:    Who is your reference in fashion and why?

VV:    Serena Van Der Woodsen haha! I was a big fan of Gossip girl, I read all the books before it came out as a show. She is elegant, very feminine and always keep it simple, even 10 years later I still love every single outfits she got into the show. I actually love Blake Lively’s style in general, I also love Hailey Baldwin as she is the queen of mixing different styles. 


SU:    Who is your beauty icon? 

VV:    Monica Belluci and my mum 


SU:    What is your favorite perfume?

VV:    Signature from Chloé.


SU:    What do you admire the most in a woman?

VV:    Self confidence, independence.  


 SU:    What are your plans after the pandemic?

 VV:    I hope that I will be able to work and travel very soon. 


SU:    What advice would you give to other women to be more confident?

VV:    To focus on things they like about themselves and work on those that make them insecure. Also, to be aware that we all have insecurities and no one is perfect. We should all stop comparing ourselves to one another because there will be always smarter, prettier and more successful.The only person you should compare yourself with is the old you. 

Images: @nessa.villani

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