4 Crystal Beauty Products to Enhance Your Wellness Routine

Crystals are the ultimate natural gift to bring you inner peace, healing and balance, something that we could all use just about now. Known to be used since ancestral times, crystals are said to harbor energies that enhance our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, and when used right, each stone provides different healing powers. 

Nowadays, the beauty industry has embraced these natural gems, incorporating them in everything from body oils to face rollers and sculptors – here are some of the best pieces to start using in your wellness routine.

Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor
Kora Organics

This beauty line – created by none other than the gorgeous Miranda Kerr – prides itself on its holistic approach to wellbeing and beauty. The brand truly lives up to the hype with their Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor, a must-have tool in any beauty bag. The stone, said to be used by Queen Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt, is the perfect way to get rid of a puffy morning face or tired skin before going to bed. Use the calming tool to massage in your moisturizer, serums and oils with the energizing and soothing stone. The tool helps stimulate circulation while de-puffing, lifting and sculpting the face to ease tension, stress and anxiety while promoting self love.

Jade & Vetiver Restorative Bath Oil

When two Kuwaiti women came together to create this brand in 2013, they envisioned using color therapy to soothe the soul, manage daily stress and enhance mood. No wonder why they’ve created products with ingredients rooted in healing crystals – take this Jade & Vetiver bath oil, for example. Meant to restore, regenerate and revive the skin, draw a warm bath of green tranquility with this oil that uses nourishing seed oils to hydrate the skin while Jade micro-crystals work their magic to buff and polish to perfection.

Image: mountlai.com

De-Puffing Amethyst Facial Roller
Mount Lai

Using the stress-relieving, clarity and relaxation effect of amethyst, this Amethyst Facial Roller is an ancestral tool used in Chinese skincare for thousands of years. Besides improving overall health and radiance of the skin, face rolling reduces puffiness of the face, promotes lymphatic drainage, relieves facial and jaw tension, and boosts circulation to encourage glowing skin. This double-ended tool ensures easy use in large and small areas of the face.

Image: briogeo.com

Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Comb

This pure Rose Quartz comb is a beautiful keepsake item to add to your vanity, providing a loving energy that clears away negativity. Comb away the day’s stress and tension to rebalance and restore your scalp and hair harmony. The comb is designed to bring gentle stimulation to the scalp for healthy hair. Gently work the comb across the scalp to provide stimulation and increased scalp circulation. Due to the natural formation of rose quartz, each handcrafted comb is unique.

By Helena Devincenti

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