Algeria is the largest nation in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean basin. Traveling from region to region can seem like journeying from a country to another because of its impressive diversity, yet, it doesn’t receive the attention and love it deserves.

Here are 5 interesting reasons why you should consider visiting Algeria
Three Natural Regions

The Mediterranean sea on the north, the Sahara desert in the south, and the mountainous chain of the interior between them, the country has a variety of natural environments to explore. Although the majestic Sahara is the most famous area of Algeria, the country has so much more to offer, you can find countless landscapes dotted with mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and archeological sites.

The buildings are visual history books

Walking around the land is much like exploring open-aired architectural museums because of its rich history. Cities like Algiers, Oran, Tipaza, and Constantine are filled with traces of different empires that once influenced the country, from French-colonial style architecture, a phenomenal number of well-preserved Roman ruins to the Casbah and Ottoman mosques, visiting can only be an exceptional experience.

constantine algeria
The food is mouth-watering

Algerian cuisine, renowned for its richness and unique character, has influences from various cultures such as French, Arabic, Ottoman, Berber, and Andalusian. It offers a variety of dishes depending on the region and the season, some of the tastiest and most famous dishes are Tajines, soups, salads you can only find in Algeria – and of course, the national dish, Couscous.

algerian food
A destination for adventuresome people

A team of tourism experts ranked Algeria as the world’s best potential adventure travel destination for the next decade. Since Algeria is still an undiscovered destination, you won’t find an extensive range of resorts or conventional bus timetables like neighbor countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt. However, it’s getting better and it’s definitely possible to visit and have the coolest adventurous trip.

A unique country

Algeria can be considered unique in every aspect. Having a rich history and being the crossroads of three worlds (Mediterranean, Arab, and African) gives it so much natural, linguistic, and cultural diversity that can’t be seen anywhere else. You’ll find the locals genuinely interested in foreigners and highly hospitable and that is enough to experience the authenticity and essence of this country.


By: Amani Bellatreche

Images: Courtesy of @dream_star_films

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