8 Influencers to Follow for a Healthy Iftar

Halfway through Ramadan, we all need that extra inspiration for our iftars – not only a tasty one, but also a healthy one. Here are Social Unseen’s favorite accounts for all-things health food.

The minimalist one

With nearly 2 million followers, the Minimalist Baker is a force to be reckoned with thanks to their mantra of recipes using 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, and 30 minutes or less to prepare. A favorite for on-the-go students, moms, and health-conscious eaters, all of MB’s recipes are not only quick but also super delicious.

The sweet-toothed one

The Snack Society puts a healthy and plant-based twist on normally sinful desserts and meals – like the chocolate and fig bars pictured above, morning porridge with coconut milk and dark chocolate, and buckwheat brownies to name a few of her sumptuous recipes. Suhour inspiration, check. 

The creative one

Healthy Is The New Cool, run by Marya Benzakour, is a blog full of health-spiration. She puts a beautiful spin on dishes with elegant plating and decoration, as well as with colorful and creative recipe ideas. For example, pesto pasta is reimagined with a basil, avocado and cashew pesto, and traditional houmous is elevated with flowers and nuts as toppings.

The Moroccan one

My Moroccan Food serves up refined Moroccan dishes with innovative new takes on each dish, like in these yogurt, kefta and piri piri meatballs pictured. Don’t miss out on the saffron chorba with aubergine and Bakoula, feta and pine nuts hand pies for all the tasty Ramadan classics.

The keto-friendly one

From desserts to all kinds of different cuisines, Low Carb Maven shares keto-friendly, low-carb recipes like this Thai peanut sauce dish pictured. Her account makes a keto Ramadan look easy.

Image: @lowcarbmaven

The vegetarian one

Cozy Peach Kitchen provides us with easy everyday vegetarian comfort food – what more can we ask? From one pot lentil curry pictured above to mushroom tacos, these recipes will have you feeling decadent without the calorie guilt.

The gourmet one

The Gourmet RD is a dietician-turned-blogger who shares amazing healthy dishes for the whole family to enjoy. Pictured above is a homemade rustic tomato pizza, or try your hand at making her stuffed zucchini recipe with ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, herbs and beef in tomato sauce.

Image: @thegourmetrd

The mediterranean one

The chef behind this blog is, you guessed it, Mediterranean-raised. For all lovers of the sun-drenched food of the Mediterranean, look no further than this blog with plates like baked ziti pictured above, colorful shrimp paella, and avocado hummus.

By Helena Devincenti

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