Algerian Natural Escapes: Where to Go This Summer

From the expansive Sahara desert to gorgeous beaches and UNESCO world heritage sites, Algeria is definitely North Africa’s hidden gem. Here are the must-visit places to discover the country’s untapped natural beauty.


Atakor volcanic field is a beautiful landscape that lies in the Hoggar Mountains. The breathtaking geographical structure includes lava flows and over 400 volcanic vents that create an amazing scenery. Located in the Ahaggar National Park, the red-brown dry earth is dotted with jutting peaks, and looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Be sure to visit the Assekrem Peak, which in Tuareg means “the end of the world”, a perfectly fitting way to describe the apocalyptic landscape.


Skikda, previously known as Philippe-ville, is a beautiful coastal city in northeast Algeria. Originally a fishing town, the tourism industry is now being developed there, but locals already love to visit this city for its beautiful villas, beaches, restaurants and warm climate. Go to Skikda to enjoy water sports like paddle boarding, snorkeling, and of course sun-bathing on the beach.



Djanet is an oasis city found in the Illizi Province of southeast Algeria. Located in the mountainous Tassili region, bordering Niger to the south, the area is distinguished by its towering dunes of sand, sheer-sided canyons and captivating “forests of rock”. And that’s only some of it – the region is also known for its old ksars, oases, palm groves, gueltas and natural springs. Discover the Sahara and all its deepest secrets in the heart of Djanet.

Image: Radioalgerie


Jijel is the capital of the Jijel Province in northeastern Algeria. Flanked by the Mediterranean Sea and the western edge of the Collo Kabylie region, the city is an ancient Phoenician trading post full of history. Surrounded by cork-oak forests, the gorgeous seaside town is full of fine sand beaches, luxe hotels, casinos and even Phoenician ruins.


Located in the Atlas Mountains, Chréa can be found in Algeria’s Blida Province. The stunning mountainside town is home to Chréa National Park, one of the largest national parks of the country, and an expansive ski resort. The perfect wintry city escape, come to Chréa for an adventurous ski holiday or to check out the mountainous wildlife.

El Kala

El Kala is a seaport town of Algeria in the El Tarf Province and west of the Tunisian border. The town serves as the epicentre of Algerian and Tunisian coral fisheries. A huge nature haven, visit El Kala National Park, go swimming in the lakes, or head to the beach for a relaxing vacation among the elements.

Image: Flickr


Ténès is a small Mediteranean seaport located in northern Algeria. The picturesque coastal town is built on the site of the ancient Phoenician and Roman colonies of Catenna. Check out the ruins of the Roman ramparts and tombs as well as the Roman cisterns that are still in use. And be sure to visit Old Ténès, the colonial city founded in 875 CE by Spanish conquistadors. You’ll also get to take in the beautiful scenery, as the modern town of Ténès rests on a rocky plateau overlooking the Wadi Allalah estuary.

By: Helena Devincenti

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