Yesterday, Lebanon was rocked by massive explosions in its capital port which took the life of dozens and left thousands of other injured, homeless, or both. The blast was so powerful that it caused extensive damage to the whole city of Beirut, even being named the third biggest world explosion of all time. Official reports say the shocking incident was caused by around 3,000 tons of a highly explosive chemical named ammonium nitrate that was detonated in a warehouse that caught fire.


The tragic event happened during a time where the country has been already struggling with issues, such as an economic collapse due to corruption, political unrest, lack of electricity and basic needs, and the COVID-19 pandemic. These problems make the aftermath of the Beirut tragedy even harder to manage. With hospitals overcrowded, people becoming jobless and homeless, and with a possible threat of famine, Lebanon needs us now more than ever – here’s how you can help:

aftermath of the beirut explosion



Impact Lebanon is a non-profit organization currently raising disaster relief through crowdfunding.


If you live in the area, here’s another list made by activists to find places where you can donate blood.


Another activists-built list of local groups and organizations. The list includes non-profit organizations providing housing, food assistance, and medical support.

By: Amani Bellatreche

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