Post-traumatic reactions after Beirut explosion

How to Cope With Post-Traumatic Reactions After Disasters

Man-made and natural disasters often come unpredictably and with a devastating impact. Not only are they able to cause massive material damage and take the life of many, but it can also have serious impacts on the psychological state of the survivors. Following everything occurring in the world, from wars, the Coronavirus pandemic, and the latest Beirut explosion, we want to help our readers have a better understanding of post-traumatic tensions and how to deal with them.

post-traumatic reactions after beirut explosion


Post-traumatic reactions take place after being exposed to terrifying experiences such as natural disasters, warfare, abuse, and assault. Experiencing or witnessing these events can be hard to adjust and cope with since it usually causes psychological, emotional, and physical damage such as anxiety, nightmares, agitation, sadness, uncontrollable thoughts and it can, in severe cases, lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

post-traumatic stress and reactions due to the coronavirus pandemic

Ways to Cope with Post-Traumatic Reactions

Focus on self-care

It’s important to take care of your body, mind, and soul daily by eating, exercising, and sleeping as properly as possible. Avoid unhealthy coping strategies such as drinking and substance-use.

Do something positive

Helping others in any possible way during difficult times can help to give some sense of purpose and empowerment, which is needed in such timing.

Talk about it and spend time with others

Talking about the event can help relieve stress and feel understood by the others. The presence of other people, especially family and friends can help feeling more secure, grateful, and positive.

Seek help

It’s been proven in many research that people who treat their traumas earlier are less likely to develop PTSD, identify available local support groups or crises counselors for help.

By: Amani Bellatreche

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