North African Artisans: A Story Of Tradition & Modern Design.

Although traditional aesthetics are beautiful and timeless, there is no rule to follow or boundaries to not be crossed when it comes to contemporary designs, and the juxtaposition of both is a long-lasting feeling of beauty and inspiration, providing an experimentation of self-expression and artistic visions.

North Africa is rich in traditions as it constitutes a melting pot of different cultural influences, intermingling the different Maghreb countries with each other and thus causing a mix of culture between tribal influences mainly Berbers and Europeans.

Characterised by its diverse colour palette, arched doorways and intricate carvings, the North African architecture and culture in general have inspired numbers of artists around the world including today’s most luxurious Fashion Houses, from the Tassili petroglyphs in Libya and Algeria to the Taouz Rock Cravings in Morocco, North African artists benefit from a large artistic heritage that keeps inspiring their work.

 Making is a craft, with skills to be treasured. The artistry is patience and love interlaced.

Beldi Bazaar

Symbols and signs are the main characteristics of the dominant Berber’s culture in the region, reinterpreted in poetry, jewelry, leather works, amulets, textiles and even as tattoos.

Social Unseen has selected few emerging artisans and concept stores from North Africa who redefine the Maghrebi culture in a contemporary and modern way by focusing on their own aesthetics.



If you are looking Concept Stores in Tunisia, we highly recommend Zina boutique which we believe is a beautiful contemporary shopping destination for interior decorations, the store offers a high range of products including candles, original carpets, elegant chairs, everything sold in one of the cosiest places in which the designer meticulously handcrafts everything, a beautiful invitation to discover the story of a modern inspiring Berber culture.


Beldi Bazaar

Beldi Bazaar is a beautiful definition of authenticity and pride. The Moroccan born founder, Rita Bennani, reinterprets her country’s heritage in a contemporary way where North African Berber colours, symbols and signs are handcrafted by local Artisans to create the most unique objects.

 The Dubai based e-boutique showcases different home decorations product that include woven accessories and textiles and other personalised ceramics.

Yasmine & Fell

If you’re based in Algeria, in Oran to be precise, you might need to know about Yasmine & Fell, a concept store that understands the balance of mixing the traditional Berber heritage with contemporary designs.

Yasmine, the founder of the boutique offers a wide range of products including clothing and accessories that also convey their artistic vision, everything handcrafted by the artisan herself who greatly portrays the North African heritage. 

Atelier Des Objets

Made of two architect friends driven by the same taste of contemporary aesthetics and modern furniture, Atelier des Objets was born to mix noble materials such as marble, wool, leather and quality wood in order to create elevated everyday objects that will create the perfect harmony to your living, all handmade in Tunisia. 

By Ines Aktouf

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