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The Best Wellness Destinations in Algiers

After nearly four months of quarantine, now’s the perfect time to rebalance and re-boost for a healthy lifestyle. Treat yourself to a wellness getaway to let go of residual stress and unwanted anxiety while pampering and prepping for the summer. You can escape daily pressures and pause life for a moment with a wellness retreat – from a relaxing spa day to a traditional hammam or a steamy sauna, check out our pick of the best spas and wellbeing destinations in Algiers.


Situated in West Algiers, Spa-lo is considered to be one of the most luxe beauty, health and wellness centers in the city. The spa promises relaxation and rejuvenation with its 360-degree experience – from spa to health services – all combined in this small paradise in Cheraga. Spa-lo stands as one of the most serene and modern wellness spas, inclusive of high-tech equipment and innovative amenities, yet still maintaining a spiritual and therapeutic ambiance, offering the ideal place for a relaxing pause.

Explore the health-oriented treatments here and the spa treatments here.

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Le INN Spa

An extension of the well-known Holiday INN Cheraga Tower, Le INN Spa is a prestigious wellness center that encompasses an authentic and warm ambiance in an elegant setting. What makes the spa special is its combination of beauty and North African tradition with the highest standards of service and innovation.

The North African-style interiors immediately infuses the mind with tranquility, while the services also follow an oriental theme – choose from a relaxing bamboo massage, peaceful yoga class, nail bars and even a traditional hammam. You’ll finish off your soothing day with a piping hot cup of Algerian tea – the best way to enjoy your last minutes of serenity.

Take a peek into the spa’s interiors here.

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Maraya Cabinet

Maraya Cabinet is a medical beauty and personal care center in Algiers. This center is unique because of its non-harmful techniques for weight loss, anti-aging, anti-cellulite and facials, without using any injections or plastic surgery. From under-eye bags to acne scars and unwanted fat, this clinic helps get rid of it all. For those looking to improve their imperfections without going under the knife, Maraya Cabinet is a great solution for change minus the risk of surgery. They combine the most efficient and modern beauty techniques to give the best long-lasting results.

Have a look at before and after photos from the clinic here.

Hnoss Institut

What’s more satisfying than getting pampered like a goddess? Hnoss Institut does this from head to toe – a beauty, hair and nail salon that has a full range of services to have you feeling like your best self. In addition to the basic beauty salon services, they offer Keratin treatments, facials, massages and waxing, so you can take care of it all in one place. With its cosy atmosphere and attentive aesthetician experts, the institute is a true beauty and wellbeing paradise.

To see all the services, prices, and client photos, click here.

Pavana Maison de Beauté

Pavana Maison de Beauté is one of the most popular beauty salons in Algiers, and rightfully so. The salon quickly rose to fame on social media the past two years thanks to their signature sun-kissed balayage. They also offer a great range of other services, such as hair and lash extensions, nails, waxing, skincare and laser treatments. They have made a name for themselves in the city and the country due to their outstanding services and strong identity in the beauty industry.

Check out their gorgeous balayage hair styles here.

By Chaima Halima Filali

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