Meet the Team Behind Social Unseen

Meet the team behind Social Unseen through an informative Q&A that answers questions submitted by our dedicated readers and followers. Get to know more about Social Unseen’s vision, global purpose, and about the team that makes it happen. Listen to fashion and beauty editors share their inside tips and tricks, discuss culture and health during quarantine with the lifestyle editors, and hear about the inspiration behind Social Unseen and its ever-changing content.

Ines Aktouf worked on gathering a team of young and fresh women. Mainly from the region, they understand the industry and work closely to create the most inspiring topics about fashion, beauty, health and culture to put forward the MENA talents in the most contemporary way.

Helena Devincenti, Managing Editor.

Raised in Washington, DC but born of French-Argentinian origins, Devincenti is a globetrotter-turned-writer based in Paris. Having worked as a journalist and PR executive on three different continents including North America, Europe and the Middle East, her travels and past work serve as a constant inspiration for her future endeavors. In constant search of new horizons, she can usually be found planning her next trip.

Narimene Chaib, Community Manager & Fashion Contributor.

Chaib has always been into fashion and creativity, even though her career path is totally different from her passion, as she chose to work in IT, she still manages to be aware of the latest trends and her sense of style has always been an asset. She currently lives in Montreal, Canada and it’s by the multicultural side of the city that she get inspired. She also dedicates her time finding niche and ethical brands with the will of elevating consciousness in the fashion industry.

Meriem Toumi, Graphic Designer & Lifestyle Contributor.

Born and raised in Algeria, Toumi moved to Paris at the age of 20 to pursue her dream to become a video game artist, she is currently a student in a prestigious video game & animation school where she learned 2D/3D graphic design and where she will be graduating as a game artist soon.

Besides her studies, Toumi has always been involved into artistic projects including music, dance and photography for years, as she is today part of a recognized Kpop dance group named Pink Cloud Crew.

Toumi contributes to Social Unseen as a graphic designer and health & lifestyle contributor due to her personal involvement into understanding mental health topics, self-care and self-development in general.

Radja Kettouche, Beauty Editorial Manager.

Born and raised in Algeria, Kettouche went to Paris, and Edinburgh to pursue her college studies in finance. Even though figures are her friends, her artistic side never left and it materialized in music and makeup at first, and spread to encompass the beauty world.
She researched, tested and drew inspiration from the big icons of the industry. She builded a lot of knowledge and created her own brand of cosmetics.
Kettouche is spontaneous and positive, a bit unpredictable she doesn’t like to be satisfied with what she has and always aspires to do more.

Chaima Halima Filali, Fashion & Lifestyle Editor.

Filali was born and raised in coastal city in Algeria, the 22 years old always had an admiration for the English language, writing and history, she graduated with a bachelor degree in English and later did a Masters degree to become a translator, yet she never gave up on her passion for fashion. Fellali is a self taught fashion designer whose passion started at a very young age.

The young fashion fanatic later created her own Modest clothing brand for Hijabi women and started making her own garments – inspired by the Mediterranean nature, vintage trends, colors, makeup and arts, she believes that sharing and creating an artistic vision or a style with a philosophy behind would lead to a « limitless » fashion world.

Aiming at telling stories about fashion by combining classic with contemporary styles, Fellali wants to  contribute in elevating modesty in the fashion industry – the young Editor and designer is determined to be on the path of making change in the fashion world.

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